Why Sponsor with Deer Network?

To qualify for sponsorship requires a certain level of integral integration

To be represented by Deer Network shows alignment to truth

We only work with the best networks/businesses**

(In respect to integrity and alignment)

How does Deer Network Flow?

Processing speed fluctuates depending on necessity and demand

Transparency with income, customers are able to monitor greed within systems

Monitoring of flow and its capacity increases the trust and greater value of money spent

The more monetary we have flowing to those of necessity, the greater we align with humanities sovereignty


calendar cap


Current Processing speed


Updated seasonally


To keep integrity within flow, sponsors have no say by which content is shared

We select sponsorship based on discerning their intention by integrity

Content doesn’t always and often does not come by sponsorship

**Deer Network doesn’t claim perfection though we make integrity and alignment our challenge

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”

Albert Einstein