Affirmations help in remembering the purity of our soul essence and allow for our greater state of being

By being purified from trauma, beliefs, and negative cycles, we gain strength in the affirmations we actualize

This coming back to ourselves creates a sense of confidence and inner space that will irritate any remaining negativity

The enlightenment of these truths will cause misaligned thoughts to come flooding into awareness to be observed and understood

Why have I said this about me? Why have I looked at things in this way? What is the reason I’ve held on to this?

Break down your disempowerment and use affirmations to feel your soul being

The soul is expansion. The soul is pure awareness. The soul is love in essence.

The ability to tap into the self at this level will become a level of feeling and being over time

This will clear out mind habits that were formed from programming found in hypnosis and meditation practices


Morning | Afternoon | Evening

10 min 3 times a day to come back to yourself

The effort alone says that you’re worth it

Know that you are




When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.

George Harrison