We are love

Love is the essence and vibration that we live in relation to the frequency we hold

Our ability to harmonize and flow with those we connect with is determined by the level of gnosis we attain

The many elements of gnosis that we find and integrate add to the flavor of our being and create greater atmospheres of this love

As we dive into these different modalities, the love we carry strengthens and is often is unrecognizable in how it effects the world around us

This effect in frequency creates the harmonization we experience in our moment to moment basis and changes based on our actualization

Understanding how we define energy, its flow and how it connects to everything else is the effort in becoming our greatest love

Gnosis: elements of self actualization that are not limited to but include The 8 Different Types of Love

Energy | Vibration | Love | God | Universe | Source


Love has many names, facets, and definitions

To understand how each culture and way of life contributes to this definition is to see how the energy is affecting our person and world

Vibration is best understood and implemented through knowing who you are and how you best fit into this grand orchestration of global vibrational harmony

In this section we target the means of uncovering the souls unique imprint and connection within the universal web by essence, element, and function

The ways of soul expansion are infinite as the soul is also infinite in being

Here we help to see the energy we hold within and how they are applied

Applied use of these tools does one learn of energy, how to communicate and master the flow of our personal connection to source within everything

Here we learn of the soul and its life path based on its energy and functionality

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Value Proposition


A lack of awareness and understanding of the soul causes disharmony and confusion within society


Learn of and honor our unique vibration

Strengthen individual soul connection

Assist others in finding soul alignment


Strength In Character

Unconditional Love

Authentic Environments


Help souls understand, grow, and connect to the love they carry within to create a system of higher vibrational harmony

Love yourself first, because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.