The vision and mission we move on brings proper balance and fortitude for future generations

Working smart aligned with proper elements will eventualize success

Build with the end in mind to bring about proper resolution


Unify and magnify the beauty of our world 

through living and celebrating our commonalities.


Returning to our greatness that is humanity.

United we create the flower of life.

A system built on truth throughout the world.


To provide tools, modalities, and understandings

from different ways of life that bring;

peace to our minds,

 love to our being,

 joy to our lives,

 care to our world,

and light to the dark.

Promote your purpose

Connecting consciousness under Peace, Love, Recognition, Truth, and the Joys of life

When in service, promote yourself for donations and gratitude

Doken is meant to serve as well as receive

Service to others leads to greatness

Jim Rohn

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