Our innocence and ability to flow through life gracefully is the totem of the deer

A part of the grand picture that in essence embodies a higher collective consciousness

We honor the Deer and the beauty that comes from the greatness in all elements of the earth

A Network first of its kind that’s focus is to expand the consciousness of its users through education and service to its constituents

Service by means of taking an active role in creating and manifesting the change we allow through sovereign abilities we grant ourselves

Each part in practice plays a part in our personal evolution and enjoyment. Parts provide different elements of expression that add to our service

We believe that integrating the Science of Frequency within society should have been achieved free of charge since we are born

The truth to our being is what we bring back through understanding the permeating energy through all and in all ways of life

The Logo/Process

It is truly the soul essence and our collective experience that makes us special

It’s what brings out the beauty in a way and perception not attained by anyone but by the unique ability of those experiencing it within

In every way, the soul is what makes us special and equal

Though we may be different, we are one in the same

The Dynamic

By focusing on the faculties which permeate our being and world through education and service, we naturally liberate ourselves and the planet of all energetic bonds

With regard to the souls expansion by sovereignty within our service we gain proper leverage in our ability to deliver results abundantly

Sovereignty within the system by connecting these truths and the soul coupled with their purpose brings proper connectivity as well as flow

The Soul

With the truth of our eternal nature, going against another part of who we are in any way is disrespecting the truest form of ourselves

We remain sovereignly independent while respecting those who share on this journey of life

Together we create the vision of humanity

The Focus

By focusing on what makes us who we are, the process of cooperatively creating benevolent change within our communities comes naturally

Not only that but we enter a state of oneness through understanding and respecting each-other and the truth of who we are

Deer Network Providing the platform of connection

Understand Faculty Integration


Unify and magnify the beauty of our world through living and celebrating our commonalities


Returning to our greatness that is humanity

United we create the flower of life

A system built on truths throughout the world


To facilitate in tools, modalities, and service that bring

peace to our minds,

love to our being,

joy to our lives,

care to our world,

and light to the dark.

Our Promise

To leave the world far greater than we found it.

Deer Network is a first priority structure and ethos meant to guide the collective in their individual abilities

while giving an iron rod of understanding for proper holistic and conscious guidance

A sovereign idea and voice for those who are in need of one

One we can respect for humanity

Deer Network is Pro-collectivism not run by any state or centralization

We are Pro Sustainability and Decentralization of power

Diverse artful expansion is the unfoldment

We are a Culture of self healing, love, expression, care and truth

We educate and also bring these faculties into the world in a conscious manner

Straw manning Deer Network as a cult doesn’t change the positive effect we are creating

Thank You

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

The Golden Age recognizes the inherent value of the soul and its depth in loving sovereignty

It recognizes the importance of power within our ability to create sovereign flow

A sovereignty that’s in coherence with basic soul principles;

When we Find Peace Within, life is no struggle for we are the grounding and know the truth to our being.

When We Are Love, our wisdom and gnosis carries us through life with a proper soul connection

When Joy Is Life, the beauty by way of art and expansion astounds our capacity in experience

When we Care Through Compassion, the world is no bother as we are true to the genuine nature of life

When Light Begets Truth, transparency and awareness proves the respect and honor that we are and allow to unfold

May the beauty of our collective soul essence outshine the dreariness of our world collapse

May our abilities within the new loving paradigm bridge this gap in future unfolding

May alignment to human soul purpose and recognition allow abundance to all

In our time, may the conscious networks of loving servitude connect

Welcome to The Beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.

Mahatma Gandhi