The Age of Aquarius

Our current planet positioning within the constellations. The energy that our collective is evolving into.

A combination of all signs.

The Golden Age

A combination of high integrity and humanities truth in creation.

Realignment in true values with collective orchestration.

The Crystalline Grid

The Golden Age Connectivity of business and networks aligned in transparency and trust for greater flow and sovereign outcome.

(The Crystalline Grid is a resonance any network or business can link to)

Collective Manifestation

The vision and dream we individually bring to the table within collective orchestration.


A quantum leap in realization to actualization.

The high jump and plateau.

A humanitarian breakthrough.

Collective orchestration

A combination of directing and conducting of events to bring in future manifestation

Artificial Diversity

Making environments “Diverse” because its the attractive thing to do

Politics, societies and work places do this against the best interest of its truth

Joy Effect

The element of effect within compound recognition and happening


Coming to resolution on matters of loving balance within our being

Oneness made in Journey

Indra’s net

Interconnected benevolent networks

This is the web of our galactic creation

Before entering into a Galactic System and Society via Indra’s Net,

our people need to work from the heart in manner by trust and transparency

The build up and action of this ability takes time and practice to produce and conduct

New Earth

Earth sanctified by greater recognition to truths seen and unseen

A combination of invention and abilities bringing new technology and ingenuity supplementing all beings of our world

Our multidimensional living brings about greater aspects for our world to embrace and expand

Restitution Podcast

Roadmap and paradigm shift for future unfoldment

Restitution Podcast

The metrics and grounding for future flow

The Aquarian way, for our Golden Age unfolding

Hosted by Marcus Vicente

There’s nothing quit as intense as the moment of clarity when you suddenly see what’s really possible for you.