Deer Network is a toroidal field of wholesome support

Take a close look at the way things are setup to understand a new flow

A playground of new personal abilities and connection is how future networking operates


A sure foundation

Building future structures of beauty was never dreamed to be so easy

With soul alignment, who knew?


The weight of our truth and creativity

This is the element and new picture of collective priority

A soul based network


Creating truths we can trust

Our ability to access flow in a responsible and conscious way

Simplified and professional

Humanities global processing


The flow never stops

Your soul is the priority

Creating a fail safe system in understanding and integrity

Abundancy in all ways

Decentralized Double Helix Dynamic

Benefits of platform and faculty processing


There is strength in numbers.

Bringing out the greatest parts within each person by their own mission allows for a stronger bond.

1×4 connection is a tight whistle.


Working in teams toward specific goals laid out by each in their proper role brings advanced performance and abilities.

Proper parts bring proper product.


Ease of flow is created by true alignment and simplified administration within the system.

Connected in purpose makes the process in building a free flow.

Integrity within structure is what holds together the system increasing its diameter of effect

Purity through transparency allows all to participate by a system that provides to all equally and openly

When we provide equal deliverance for each soul we gain equal abundance in each locations unique manner

Double Helix




Platform flow would best be orchestrated through a cooperative helix of synergy by connection and delegation of personal roles and abilities

Simplification of roles and allowance for each sovereign to align with how they wish to be of service amplifies collective outcome

Power given to the people through the roles from which they align by realizing then actualizing into the collective model

By doing so we provide our benevolent sovereignty and ability to roll out a beautiful orchestration of governance


Builders uniting in purpose

We are all creators in our essence

Our ability to tap into and produce results

This is our shared truth in what we bring to the world

A manner and focused intention for which we are

Humanity and our ability to manifest however we invest our energy

This is what we do and who we are when building the future nation of our human family

What follows is inspired action – how we make things fit is by humanity alone and not by any one way

The future we collectively put our energy towards is that which rightfully flows in the paradigm we choose to believe in


Creating a strong platform with the right focus


The soul essence of all sovereign beings is of most importance in understanding the “why” of humanity.

The why aligns each soul with the end goal of providing its abundance within its sovereignty.

Building aligned souls is the goal.


The business of transparency is a thing of the future present.

With the collective sharing of proper tools, our bank is your bank, nothing is unseen within the realm of open market networking.

Equal within our purity in essence.


The soul is the highlight of the world.

Keeping this as our center, the goal to remain true by maintaining our individual right to live from a healed and loving state of being, we provide a right manner of our collective harmonized abundance.

Expansion through aligned sovereignty.


The intention to do others right without malicious intention creates our higher sense of connection.

A connection built with integrity.

Achievable through proper means of benevolent structure and care.

Truth within the strength of our values.


Distribution of Flow


Block-Chain is a system of trusted formatting for the collective transaction monitoring and distribution.

No one goes hungry.

Faculty Flow

Call this the bank and auto director based on needs and completion of projects to be funded and carried out.

Flow is given to services rendered.

Short Model


The structures are in place and being put into place.

Guiding entrepreneurs on the new age of creation and transformation is now.

An ease into Sovereignty.


Bringing transparency through for a greater trust and ability in benevolent flow within systems is required for the greatest and trusted collective outcome.

A new peace of being.

Short Model


Collective Contribution

Abundant Being


This state of being requires nothing but being. The truth to the moment and life that we bring is always enough. This is grounding and the truth of who we are.

Abundant Loving


We fill in the gaps because everything we do is of service to all including the self. So long we are aligned with our abilities, love flows endlessly.

Abundant Living

During our journey of self realization to actualization we produce our talents and expression to be shared abundantly. With structure we allow the flow of living to happen with ease.

Abundant Flow

What we own, owns us.

That being said when we release ownership collectively it allows us to embrace the gifts of life to be shared amongst others while allowing free flow.

Letter to the wealthy, self made and support

The time of our collective rising to greatness needs to be understood

We are all great beings that are here to service each-other in our collective realization

Coming back to this we honor those who have created abundance for themselves and advanced equality

Know that the time for imbalanced ignorance is over, greatness and its cap in equality is here for the collective spiritually

Boundaries in this self acceptance is included- if you don’t accept your beauty, you need not be accepted within beauty

The beauty of becoming and being, one you have mastered and continue to master in other ways

May your understanding bless all on the path to their abilities and becoming as well

The avenue to obtain this within yourself is given

Thank you for your Truth

Having a multiplex of locations around the globe allows easy transition to one location to another

Rules and regulations would be in place to achieve responsible yet free flow of transitions

Expansion coming from those who collect entrepreneurs in each section by building connections

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”

Orison Marden

Platform Dynamic

Flow integration

Viability of the


The system flow is reliant on the entrepreneurs and their setup within the network. Having the process of on boarding and release to be simplified while keeping the connections with positive energy and service is setup by those running them.

Success in these areas comes by connecting fully with the network as to find a balance within the local collective and those working in its process. With proper harmony entrepreneurs will find abundance with ease.

The abilities of the


Having a vision in understanding the many ways things can be created and orchestrated is the ability of the visionary. Working with new and old entrepreneurs in conjunction with a conductor will the roll out of advanced form of building occur.

With all parts envisioned, carry out and careful

Responsibilities of the


The knowledge of how a benevolent business structure is known and passed by the ambassador to those who seek to know how a system that serves the collective works.

Humanity fully realized and tapped into their abundant potential we collectively will have enough to pull from outside recources in recruitment into the system of abundance.

The ideas are not all concrete yet here to inspire right connection within our flow

Its the sovereigns within all groups opportunity to align the systems

A Crystallin Grid of connection through integrity

“Abundance isn’t something we acquire, it is something we tune into.”

Wayne Dyer