Evolution 1 – 9 inspired

This has been something I’ve been meaning to put out there for some time now.
Its a bit more personal but still hits the bigger aspect on a shift happening currently.
Finding flow in all aspects of life is a practice thats a challenge but fun nonetheless.
As we find a suitable flow in life, I hope you practice full patience with yourself and understand the perfect flow of nature.
If it doesn’t feel right, sit back and relax. Pushing destiny or trying to control outcomes shows distrust in this flow and life.
Id rather feel good about what I put out there, even if it takes maybe some deeper reflection, understanding or realizing.
The world might label your personal flow as whatever will fit their current paradigm, you alone will know your purpose.
Everything has its cycles and rhythms, though you might miss a beat or come in too fast or slow- everything balances out.

Honor to those who find joy in their depth of compassion and understanding.
For consciousness is of the heart- realizing love in all situations and ways of life.

Again in this post like all posts I challenge you to keep an open mind.
An open mind allows for a different feeling of being to be experienced.

Though you turn your ways against the grain- know that it serves a greater purpose in self and world development.
The times of limited perception and black and white thinking are coming to a close for some- as we own our truth and express in a way that serves us, the world will begin to make more love- and more sense.

Closed minded ways feel claustrophobic and immature due to lack of understanding.
It takes work, mental drive to allow a new view point to change the mind to a new way of experiencing things.
If allowed will many times make the world and its inhabitants to flow with a beauty un-accessed without a deeper perspective.
Like that shiny new venue(Hi ravers) you built that wasn’t explored because you decided to stick to the playhouse from kindergarten.

Rave or not, we must rave. Music will be powerful in finishing off any final unhealed wounds.

When we celebrate life with the intention of gratitude- there will be more to be grateful for.

When I was born I was given the name Randal.
Around kindergarten I decided to go with something new.
Randy became my chosen route(family approved this one) because it felt better. Something that suited me at the time.
Like anything, the feeling I felt with who I was and where I was heading inspired me to make a change.
Small as it might have been, I often wonder how much that change effected my future years.

Evolution in Being


Not talking physically though I’m sure over time it plays a part as well
I’m talking of our conscious and understanding of our individual and collective truth
The evolution that is made of life lessons and understandings that often come as realizations
This truth expands based on the ability to remain open minded, reflective, and discerning throughout life
Feeling into this truth to who we are comes from stillness, something you recognize from the habit of meditation
Something that some may have a hard time achieving due to the massed amount of turmoil and pain that’ s coating their field
The collective consciousness, being taught a way of life has learned how to cope with negativity at a professional kind of level
Our abilities act as this armor shielding us from pains that don’t match the vibration that we hold, deflecting whatever doesn’t sit with us
Call us the topnotch of Universal football players, we’ve dealt ourselves and those we love some serious heartache over time, mastering pain
A kind of soul unrealizing that stems from learning how to be “tough” as kids and also in compassionate ways that desensitized the soul
Imagine it as taking the volume called love- compassion- support- and understanding- and dimming them all down to a lower level
When doing so, we cut ourselves off from inner guidance, the teacher in life lessons and recognition of the value life brings
This is our sense of beauty, love and tranquility unhindered by outside forces of disbelief or internal conditionings
Realizing the importance to knowing this truth of who who you are allows for your souls desire to manifest
Our intuition is the evolution in consciousness we are coming to remember, a humble knowing
This feeling is the command of our universe
Subtle yet powerful vibration of being

A powerful state of vibration within the confines of vulnerability and inner power unhindered by internal or outside forces
The command that we give ourselves that comes solely from expanding truths to however you can gather and implement into being.
Realizing your truth in manifestation of your desires and feeling the love you have for them creates the reality to be into existence
Whether you wish it to be some far of endeavor or a cup of coffee that is something for each to practice and bring into fruition
Its a practice mastered by few though with many coming to that benevolent sense will sure unfold more and more
Your life should be the grand manifestation of what you believe to be within purpose
Whether manifest- the goal is practice creation with the tools we have within us

With this ability we let go of negative aspects and harmful beliefs that tie us down mentally and in turn frees us spiritually from negativity
This is a new found respect and honor that we give ourselves by allowing the truth to who we are to change our being by choosing sovereignty
Sovereignty is the future of mankind. A state of being uninhabited by these old ways of energetic restriction, a sense of entrapment, a prison
To fully understand this new way and how it works, knowing laws of the universe and energetic exchange would be the truth implemented
The lie, being caught up in false truths of how to attain liberation through the laws of man of the land that create excuses of malintention
Its as if we are birds in a cage, the cage being the governing and structure we’ve built, full of rules and bars to a point of claustrophobia

This doesn’t need to be you to be true

The limited mindsets being the bars, the thoughts opinions beliefs from schooling taught by society, friends, and family
Though they might not all be a hindrance in our living in the world, many need the eye of awareness and realizing of their effects
If you look around you can see the pains of those bars unconsciously surrounding beautiful beings as if this state is normal
It almost creates a sensitivity of a subject

Many inner beings unnoticed innocence being realized within captivity
This innocence being the mistreatment and unabashed denial of feeling over self monitored constructs
The only seeming deliverance being to bar in those who sit also unabashed in the cage next to them
It’s a lack of understanding and support in loving those who only wish to embrace who they are
The soul trusting of its love and those it surrounds itself with, trust the bars of misbelief and uncared for truth
Little do they know, there is freedom in tearing away the falsities and restrictive mental constructs that surround their love
The little man made from clay, attached of the image they portray instead of feeling the benefit of being a greater love to family
Sure, society has put the cage outside to feel the breeze and beauty of the wind in our faces, we are testing the air on our wings
We still lack the capacity to look our family square in the face and embrace the vulnerable state of expressing our truth to another
Little do we know we are actually doing it to ourselves. There is a deeper soul knowing that wants to come out. It wants to believe
This bird is the light of our truth. The blinding light within shines like the sun once believed back into its feeling and being
To truly free this knowing takes time, it takes the right environment and loving people to bring it back into the world
Its not a cocky or egoic sense, but deep understanding of the depth and amazing beauty of the soul
One knows this truth by finally sensing itself and its grand connection to every soul in existence

This is an awakening, realizing, and possibly a small remembering of who you were before coming to this plane of existence
Awakening happens for reasons of living, expressing, and creating the effect you were meant to when living your life
To have an awakening is not a form unlimited oxygen, though can provide the energy needed to make hard changes
Its energy comes from a view that escapes the collective consciousness of miss-aligned beliefs and awkward priorities
This experience and knowing will stay with you for as long as it remains real for you. The fulness of it maybe not so long
My awakening lasted for about two weeks.

“And suddenly I was thrown into this expansive, amazing feeling of freedom. From myself, from my problems, I saw that I was bigger than what I do, I was bigger than my body, I was everything and everyone. I was no longer a fragment of the universe but I was the universe, and ever since that day, I’ve been trying to get back there… but at least I know where I want to go, and I want to take as many people with me as I possibly can, because the feeling is amazing.”
– Jim Carrey

I would expand on this and say its not just a feeling but an understanding and being. A feeling from realizing this understanding and view point
It’s one of benevolence and grandeur that stems from the beauty of knowing how great this plan, our being, and world truly is
Call it the evolution of knowing- a realization and beautifying of our collective truth known but not yet pioneered by humanity
Creating that way of life and view of the world grounded in loving connection, is it attainable?
Whether we all experience it the same or not who really knows?
What I do know like Jim, is once experienced, getting back there and taking all we can with us is a purpose for us all
For it is our connection in love and truth that we experience another’s, that is the great feeling we know and understand
This empathy and connection through feeling creates the heaven that we so long to create within our human family
This heaven and liberation from mind is going to break down the walls of falsities, malevolence, and misaligned priorities
These types of ways are the ways we disservice ourselves first- then on the account of another not withholding judgment
The negative created energies and beliefs we hold of others is the cage and restrictive system of constriction we hold on ourselves
The cage and breakdown of what used to be called our home of comfortability now becomes restriction and ropes that hold us back
Within the realm that we reside, keeping the knowing of this connection is important as we deconstruct bars and build from the heart
Call this heart magic and the eternal energy sourced from the home from which we came, always comes back to how does this serve?
Spend this energy on finding or expanding your purpose. This is the investment in love that you can bring to the world with most effect.
This truth amongst many others is likely to bless any and all who partake due to the immense unselfish regard it takes to deliver
Not saying its always this way- or if that you might take on resistance, regardless what you build has love at the center
This is your gift to the world that was the spark given to those who wish to see themselves
This is your true source of love given to all to be experienced

I have a friend, lets call him Jerry
Jerry has a degree from such n such state and is proud to achieve this standard
I for one wasn’t a great student within the system, but listening to his knowledge on topics astounds me
Jerry has found a passion within his realm of magic, within his realm of love that lets him expand based on his drive
He takes what he knows, finds a game out of creating the most efficient system possible and lets his dreams set him free
A freedom that comes from knowing he is making a difference and expressing his truth by filter of knowledge and vision
The only reason he’s able to attain this sort of happiness is because he knows the love he gives is making a difference
Within that system, inside the human system, inner evolution is required to make match with the current standards
Standards for which we set as individuals first and either make the changes apparent or find ones that do
This is in regard to whatever industry you conduct yourself; the practices and levels of which are endless
You understand the levels of consciousness it takes to build a system that includes loving deliverance
Ground rule is this: Does this provide liberation for my soul? Is there benevolence in this truth?
For the manner you conduct yourself at this base of soul is what will be the dragging
Malevolence or darkness will crumble under a high amount of conscious weight
The ability to stand true cannot be hid behind pretty constructs or faces
You cannot fake the soul feeling that is tied to its truth
It is the truest thing you have
Make a high standard and build around and on it
Regardless of weight, you know the truth for which you build

Ill end with this
We create our reality
Poof, I’m sure you’ve never heard that
I meditated one day and finished it out feeling inspired to change my name
I could prob give you 20-30 reasons why it was a good idea at the time
Truth in feeling hitting me in multiple directions telling me whats best
Looking back if someone had initiated it sooner it would have probably happened
Albeit its recommended to be done with most sincerity and understanding
Meditation is a great way to get in touch with the deepest part of you
How each of us realizes and feels that is up to us individually

I’m grateful for the chance to perceive myself anew and build a greater future with others

Thank you to those who serve in this manner and are building for others as well

Marcus Alexander Vicente

As imperfect as I may be, I appreciate any and all love
While things start ramping up, its those who believed in me most while I continue to grow that stand out

Thank you for helping release the bars from my mind

——— extra ——-
We have chaos and order for reason, order needing to come from a place of guidance- consequences from a place of conscious effect
Just because sovereignty is of high order doesn’t permit no consequence to our actions
Not by our people but by nature. Order, to protect and evolve from unwise living
Sounds like the definition of our time

Call it Divine Justice

Friends are those who believe in each-other- regardless and unconditionally.
Family are those who live and breath Oxygen. Also that which shares in the spark of life.
Family is unfortunately not a main priority within our world- this is whats changing.

When it comes to your awakening

I urge you to not not waste it on convincing the world(unless you an actualized  light worker and except those close to you) of their beauty for it will fall on deaf ears and leave you gasping for more awakening.
Its better to enjoy and wiggle into your environment and creation.

Put the world on hold and know love- create a space within you, love to be unaffected by false perceptions and untruths.

You can love someone without trusting them

Trust is given and something to strive for within oneself that fountains over with creation, same as love.

A wedding poem I made for my friend Jake Boyce

A gift

To this earth we came
Not to be of rich and fame

For what we have is worth so much more
This sadness can’t seem to find the door

The door that opens to the heart
This is where the feelings start

Don’t be fooled by that mist you see
Feelings they are only meant to be

For the heart does open with pure delight
In its place a most vulnerable might

That childlike connection is what we seek
Understand this space, it’s for the meek

Transparency and sweet compassion
Allows life to flow with a full on passion

For what you give makes who you are
Remember, remember that little star

The one that comes from a source unspoken
It’s all within and must be woken

We came to earth to understand our love
It is the language from up above

Be fervorous and willing to always show
The love to those that need to know

For when your love is sent out there
It returns to you with a longing care

It cannot fail but only lift
This is what they call your gift

Stupid – Simple – Sophisticated
I like to target all my parts 😛

Without Limit



if you gone this far I want to share with you some of my past time 🙂


I love making videos of my time when fully aligned.

Evolution-in-Being Evolution-in-Being suzanne-d-williams-VMKBFR6r_jg-unsplash

About the author: Marcus V.

I've been a conductor of sorts since I can remember, leading the music as a child from the seats at church.
As I grew older I ran into restrictions and realized they happened because there was something in society that needed attention.
Coming from the bottom of the social ladder I made a promise to myself that I would come back to help those in the depths of despair.

As time went on I was caught off by society standards of "making money" all the while learning lessons in love, joy, care, and truths of the world.

These lessons allowed me to gain an understanding in the way of energy and how it related to our global flow and systemic processes.
Seeing the way our world had effort in division I felt the need to create something everyone had in common without detracting from their truths.

Something benevolent that served the all from the bottom up.

From the bottom- being abused and coming from depression, I became a healer.

Finding love that broke my heart into pieces(multiple times) I learned of love and its solidity.

Experiencing my greatest connection to everything at festivals, I realized I need to bring this flow to others.

Seeing and feeling the pain we were causing other beings as well as the unconscious way we were managing the world, I understood care.

Last aspect of my being sees the ways humanity is being taken advantage of by outer creations of darkness. Light doesn't stand in the sight without notice.

I can see myself as being a protector and advocate toward creating the liberty for my brothers and sisters who don't know what's going on behind the scenes to keep them dumbed down and unaware of many forms of greed for the sake of monetary gain.

Knowing what others do not know they do not know is a curse and purpose that I am glad to be on the road to resolve.
I hate to see the world in the manner for which its been led. I'm not a fan of ignorant and willful pandering when it comes to the beauty of our people.

Putting all my parts in this drive together I formulated my deepest truth connected to what I could create to impact in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.

Whether Deer Network plays a key part or not- I know the basic principles from its truth create a positive effect in the world today.

I'll say that most people have experienced everything I have- we are some tough souls, we've all been through A LOT and are only really looking for the right things to represent us.

Me personally
I find it easier to believe in others and their truth (many belief systems included).
Keeping an open mind has allowed a deeper understanding of the world and its stories of creation.

After drawing up my entire life I realized the greater purpose in soul growth by ditching the old ways of the matrix and its unconscious ruling for a more responsible and aligned flow that represented me as well as those I love most. Through my close connection with source and my intiution, my guide in creation is certainly more of an unfoldment than creation. A symbiotic relationship with life and its truths let this all happen.

It's a great service to love humanity and our world- thank you for being here.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Sag/Aqua moon and Leo Rising.
Life path 9 and an INFP Myers Briggs.
Human Design Projector with a 4/6 profile
My purpose is to raise global frequency.
I know many share in this purpose.
Deer Network is that expression.

A network that allows for any and all to tap into a greater collective purpose to unite, preserve, and express world beauty.


Thank you to everyone that has been able to help thus far on my journey.

Jesus and Buddha, All angels and ascended masters, Spirits of teaching, My Mom and Dad, Adam and Kari Newman, Christy and Ryan Hodges, April and Josh Peterson, Celeste and Stetson Kauer, Dave Nguyen, Tanh Ha Tran, Aven Fleck, Jake Boyce, Cole Kelly, Mason Miller, Holly Field, Lauren Buzzard, Douglas Fresca, Thomas Jenkins, Garrick Pinon, William Kouroupis, Derrick Clevland, Johnny Barber, Albert Hernandes, Jared Janacek, Allison, Dallas Brown, Khira, Dalin, Mathijs van Dam, Thomas Hurst, Glen Coco, Armon Pennick, Jax, Adam Johnson, Darius Fontenette, Anh Huy Nguyen, Cupid Carlione, Michael Staffeldt, Randi Southard, Shea Kumecki, Son Truong, Valley Mike, DL Brake, Mike Paul, Alyona Fleck, Avi Aba, JR, Maddie King, Dalin Bernard

Phil Good, Sister Shanti, Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Rion DeRouen, Jordan Sather, Katy Haydn Axel Schneider, Matt Kahn, Conscious_Beardman, la_passionate, Peng Joon

Special thanks to Tom Delonge and Eric Prydz for their inspiration in the art of brilliance.

And anyone else I might have missed!

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work
- Steven Furtick

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burk

It is the light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Nelson Mandela

There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.
- Marjorie P. Hinckley

It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.
- Anatole France

Go big or go home.
- Eliza Dushku

Made and guided by source divine- one of protection and love for these times.

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