*Edited 11/4* Skimmed over much of it, evolution in process.

The way I write these is at the pace and style I feel is of my expression. Whether it be by the creators of this site and blog or other, it’s change was out of my control, not because I chose to style it this way. I’m an artist of sorts and I refuse to give into structure tactics that don’t serve me. See my other blogs to see what I’m saying.

(I’m not one that likes to believe the system we have is anti human in some way though, being aware of how we are would serve us. Fear is there for a reason, and meant to be addressed by dark/light-workers and caregivers)(we should be addressing everything consciously that causes unnecessary control in our and others lives example- systems of governance)

I love evolution, but typically it’s to serve a vision and feel thats conducive to how I live.

Unless its chosen otherwise I guess(Freedom addict).

I can be frank in wether it be in my blogs or podcasts. (Ram-Pisces mars)

I try not to be too general but know my main goal is to help vision and visionaries.

Its funny, you check your charts of being and find how your personal expression differs from others. Mine is one of a broad perspective and not so much detail oriented- though I’d rather not limit myself. For now i’ll stick to what I feel is necessary.

I can be a doof at times- hope you enjoy my own evolution. Thank you 🙂


When I talk of topics, I talk of percentages of efficiency in areas.

Seeing % will transform your world in its vision and understanding.

Though it’s not always black or white, humor plays a wonderful part.

We don’t advance anyones performance by only speaking of their negatives.

Polarity is used to create a greater clarity in seeing pathways moving forward.

Though we understand the importance of shadow work which I cover much in this writing.

We don’t give space by humiliation or by being controlled by emotion created by outside sources.

(Fixing*Hate many times shows reverence toward ignorance and might not fully understand reality.

Tension or malice can indicate fear of increasing an aspect within themselves.)

Care, Compassion, Love, Respect, ect.

Candor when creating boundaries is nice.

(If you love someone and they do something that you know isn’t in their best interest- talk to them personally)

(If there is evil that is publicly deemed as “ok” address the issue, things are changing for the better)

Though evil is real, our plan is great.

(Evil~Uncared for truth- can be difficult to transmute)

Even though they want to kill us, we respect their abilities.

By doing so, we all come out on top for our collective family.

We fear our light though the healing is a joy and journey

I’ve been guided to do some light work in this episode.

Taking an example and white washing it in truth as to see about transmutation.

It comes in the form of a multiplex of perception and feelings dressed up in undressed shadow.

This shadow and light shows aspects of truth and needs to be addressed moving forward.

For this example and figure I will use our great and noble leader Donald J Trump.

Trump I assume is shrouded in truth from all angles- he has a great vantage point and perception of elements.

(Not including any dogmatic beliefs that could be holding him back to loving the collective)

He only needs more understanding of where we see it from our view.

Those surrounded by truth don’t often have the bottoms perception. Bottoms perception includes depth.

Well here you go Trump- some decent understanding from a bottom dweller but a big picture viewer and feeler.


Dark Worker- Brings down the old and outdated systems and process

Light Worker- Builds up the new transparent benevolent flow and system

You could say they are the same thing in many ways- they also keep each-other in check

Evolution In Leadership

A Polarity

Trump is Glorious

Donald Trump in the eyes of many is a great leader

Orchestrating one of the biggest mass arrests of an evil that has plagued our nation, world and people for a very long time

An energy of sorts that has been shaken, one of ignorance, attachment and greed. Call it ego(not integrated), idolatry and selfishness

This man has had a lot materially- everything you could dream, gave it up to become a leader and guide for the masses to come back from an amazing fall from ignorance

The man sees our transformation and knows in his heart what he has to do to deliver god, life, and our world from this virus of evil

Though he might have once been a part- he’s choosing the greater aspect in all areas, in a way that says- I’ll see you on the other side fam

This side- I want to give him

This side is the side we all have in us (to a degree)and should believe in each other


This side

We present for the fact that we control our destiny by where we put our energy

We cannot control another, but we do control how we conduct our sovereignty

Though we all fail in some areas- we can always choose the parts of life that serve us

Trump Fails

Conducting a shameful and ignorant takeover by malevolent understanding and care for great beings within our society

Likely letting many terribly evil men not in service to humanity off the hook

I’ll keep it short- the link below goes into better depth

The video of president trump was removed for who knows why?

Alignment and transparency is within reach for many

This is a journey we are taking, Trump is co-conducting

( www.deer.network/past/ See “Donald Trump”)

Love Trumps Hate

Forgiveness Trumps Malpractice

Leaders are lightworkers and then some

(Disclaimer: this is a well thought out and studied perception, one that should he should addressed to create trust for our people before re-election, if we choose to come to this)

*We dont care for created timelines so long we enjoy the journey*

*Fun Speculation for effect in flow*

In some aspects the first and second story sound the same

That’s because it’s a mirroring we are having within the system. A sense of internal seperation

(We can also be perceived as the terribly evil men not in true service to humanity and world at times)

The villain within our collective programming being projected once again into our outer environment

The ignorant wealthy controllers who believe themselves to be brighter are also within all- only in different forms(Some evil ends up where it wants/falls away)

This really comes down to the fact we are not fighting people(for the most part). We are fighting the misalignment or unconsciousness in societies(in regard to our unique created/built flows)

Forgiving those who are blackmailed as to allow them in assisting the collective in a great return by belief and investment we can come back from this fall

A fall defined as humanity being misdirected monetarily by believing in and putting energy into misaligned collective timelines

(Blackmail is a safe assumption- anytime you have small nodes of great power, we need to expect this to happen in order to avoid it in the future)

Those who are blackmailed must come to public(light workers) of their captors- should you know them, and receive clemency (We build this system, if its not already built)

(I’m not saying truths that directly effect those won’t be known to them. Justice is a sticky subject.)

This is where we come back to Trump and his effort in leveling the playing field for humanity- something that has been confusing since entering office. (From what we see in some aspects)

If the rooted evil is deep- we can expect mass hostage situations(corona might be one released, though we’ve been transmuting it beautifully), patience is great- but we are also not naive, once trust is broken via malevolence- we should be wise in giving it back fully- hence why some don’t act on “victory”- what a concept

(Maybe after we create islands of light)(whatever art we want to design) xD

The transformation from the age of Pisces to Aquarius requires us to see the diverse powers and leadership within our own communities and how that increase in ability serves the entirety

Before we get there though we must care for those attached to the old by what I call Mush Economics. An evolution in creation from ideas and concepts from the old.

This is a transition. This is preparation.

See it as simplifying production and system flow by technology and product. One for which people come to serve and is orchestrated by conductors

The building of the new without attachment to the old- both systems respecting each others abilities until a complete transformation is complete

Bringing to justice the old paradigms via our new ability to light up ignorance and malevolent ways for which the old served

Doing it in a way that allows space for compassion and a full depth of perception and all angles of governmental understanding

This would allow the lighting up truth in our system in how its flow is transitioned to serve a greater purpose in evolution

It would be a flow brought on by those in office of each and collaborating in conscious evolution of the new paradigm

To call it simply, a slow evolution in conscious awakening that often includes bouts of inspiration

Leaving behind old ways of lack, built up by clogitory(money making) means and unnecessaries

Focused on the service and within the faculty that we sovereignly choose

By doing so we can address care in the widest, most flavorful, aware point and possibility

So where is it that we are currently operating?

The old is on its last leg of death. Regardless of who wins, this thing is beat

Leading a system as currpt and fargon as this, potential presidents are partially playing hot potato.

They as well as we, are true leaders that take the helm in guiding a system to a more enjoyable flow

We could call it a perfect orchestration of sorts that all seems to be going quite well except by plans and evidence that remains well hidden in the dark of our awareness

(to what reason I would suggest receiving bit by bit so long it served the souls growth, there is a lot of information)

I love the idea of Trump, valiantly stepping in to change the world in a sense of honoring our place and people here

The child or innocence in me says give him a chance to come clean and do whats right for everyone

The adult in me says be cautious and hold him to his office, we can celebrate his greatness once it’s achieved collectively

For now let’s try and give the brother his reward and make a move into clearer waters of love and responsibility to humanity

Whether with him or not- we need to gain clarity on issues that are in the light, he’s the one that has to conduct this

(If he can’t come clean about the agenda with Israel and other connections he has- what else can we do?)

He might be one of the only presidents thats not totally manipulated(though i reckon its possible)

One we can all agree on in and allow for a simpler cleaner and more transparent system of flow

How do we do this you might ask?

Its easy. We simplify our system and change the way we operate in levels

We allow those in control, those beings of dark and grey the chance to bow out in love and ability

We ask them to shine light on their full operation and come clean with the people, promising devotion in service

Coming together on new innovative technology that connects society by means of priority, intelligence(of the heart), care and beauty

The old people serve with elected light workers that we can trust in proper synergy with the current system and monetary flow

(You can do this while keeping vital parts protected)(This is one way we conduct such a service in rendering)

Like a blocks of legos, the people being part structure, we fill in the holes of questions with holes of reliability

New operators of information- New paradigm infusion

These operators are enlightened by previous ways combined with their integrity on understanding evolved flow of governance that serves liberty- not money

(See Restitution Radio E-3 @ www.deer.network/live/ )

Any lazy soul has come up with a million better ways that something should be conducted, only to be shut down because of tradition- call it evolution stuck in a moment. (It is important to understand why of course while taking into account all parts, Example the genius Tesla)

(Ego sense of patriarchy and structure to death is whats evolving(though necessary in our evolution)- Enter combination of masculine and feminine beauty for flow)

I see us creating a simpler more spread out structure, one thats less or not corruptible. We will be able to come up with some cool stuff no doubt. Using what we have in our creation

We see big picture and apply our understanding of the current model of things including how the change and orchestration isn’t currently in our best interest

We who know too much, cringe at the gaps and uncertainty that is within the current paradigm and know this is a time for humanity to step up

It’s as if you see the waterfall ahead, half your family laugh and play, “we are saved!” They yell as we inch closer to the end

Yes we see the alligators, they talk and are ready to captivate those who finally realize what is happening

As if we don’t already understand and operate from a greater picture view of the soul knowing

We see more than they do in the eyes of their idiocy, they know our ride is coming to an end

One for which even they, do not have control over and will be doomed at this fall

A fall from grace within the self and a rise to victory within the collective

When all seems to be doomed, this is where magic kicks in

Family was right to celebrate, our boat is a spaceship

(Finding our intuition and inventiveness, unhindered by fear or lack)

Those alligators, were only motivation for the collective greatnesses evolution

One for which either we ascend spiritually or physically create, who really remembers?

I for one feel it coming on and embrace my light family in this societal transformation

I spoke of the light for a bit- heres some shadow

A great leader and true to his energy is this man of Trump

The problem being the facade of awards and misrepresentation of benevolence capturing his heart(like many)(?)

Even amidst the evil for which he unconsciously represents, his ability to conduct this flow within our humanity is wonderful

Problem is attachment to the system of old- including religious control mechanisms

We won’t know unless he gets personal with us- which we should encourage

Trump know we see lies at times, also know and are aware sometimes lying for the greater good of keeping things together

Understand that for now this is an excuse and should be dealt with so society can trust again, we are patient though expect us to build in the mean time

Leadership should be guiding us to understand the depth of our intelligence, not hiding it from us. (Important link in notes, Microb-astronaut)

Whether he wants to take down the sinister communes within the system of government and people is up to him on his way out

As great as the meaning and awards he received seem to be, nothing would compare to a true liberation from the ones that propped him up- or the least bring awareness and connection to them

What keeps popping up for me is Star Wars and Darth Vader- He served the dark until his last breath when he threw his evil master down the well saving his son and who knows how many others. Our lives our created moment by moment- We can choose consciousness at any time.

Can you imagine having a family of uncountable numbers and choosing to be on the team of say, a small team of evil?

We would choose a greater family all day. Feel this inside. If you’ve been evil for too long, you would think your soul would speak to you, maybe not.

I’ll testify that mine has, in moments of importance

After meditation, it’s ever so quiet yet can be a smack to the face, I often find myself laughing

For not all fall for his current act(or truth), some have greatly invested souls into this paradigm and will liberate their people from its grasp

For we do not care that it’s own people do not fully understand the implications for which they are under

The conditioning that we are born or built into are not the judgments for which we last draw upon

As sovereign beings we have the ability to change course at a moments notice and realization of malevolence or misguidance

While we bring to light shortcomings and misguidance’s, we will also allow our greater truth in how we lead and operate be altered and decided

The fact that the road we are on is clear to those on it, but not fully in the light to our human family is warning enough of our shadow work

A nation not connected to its body is not a nation but a tarry of miscalculated men in control and in dominance of slaves

The ones who have healed- know the depth of themselves, and conduct in a manner of humanity centered roles

This is leadership stepping up into their joy- their personal expression and flow of life in service to a system that represents all

These roles consist of full non polarized awareness of many perceptions and guide their locality in a way that preserves and promotes greatness

Joy is in part the great trust we feel in the other as ourselves, holding space with loving compassion and respect

It’s not something we are at currently- but it’s building by way of knowing the brilliance that’s within each other

The times of capitalizing off of others and our collective misguidance’s based on lack is coming to an end

How long this takes will depend on the depth of healing then following our intuitional deliverance and vision

Deliverance being the ability for our collective to understand, support and respect what we are creating

We are all leaders, presidents, and kinds in this aspect of roll out that require additional trust in each other

The parts that we come to recognize through the tools we have available help in this remembering

One we must all teach each other as we learn and grow in understanding how this sovereignty works in its property

Combined with source, intervention into the system by other and intuition, beings of truth(light/dark workers) transmute from the inside

Each benevolent soul guided by its inner knowing brings about the safety and interconnection we need to lead

The amount of services and angles for which we are able to create via new technology are abundant

We don’t lack the ability as much as we lack the leadership which will be stepping up and leading of these tasks in the coming years

For once we lose hold of our systemic condemnation by unnecessary lack of monetary flow from greed and control, then will we operate from love

Once we integrate how leadership operates in the new paradigm- we will begin to conduct proper change from this point of flow and ability

We only need to mend the connection with those parts of us that feel the world differently(wealthy elite, corrupt and not)

In many ways, we need to turn to unconditional love(within reason) in all aspects within our society

Ending Notes

I’d like to reach out and express my love for Trump

I’ve always said he reminds me of my father, blunt, but the care behind his being is not something you can argue

Though many still do and I can understand why, I find it more enjoyable to forgive his past words- damn I’m weak there too

Whether he is coming from a pure understanding place of the fullness in perception, he’s created that for himself

Its up to him as it is humanity to do the same, and if the soul desires, be dealt uncomfortable truths

For one that is of pure love- has no fear of confession with an effect that serves the soul

If I have any advice for trump- don’t give into monetary control mechanisms of the mind

Your soul, guided by your heart in loving connection to everything should be your guide

By supporting and believing in your human family by support and not control, heaven on earth is just a rocks throw away

Our collective is starting to integrate parts we haven’t felt

Have patience in this process of self realization

Know that if you are reading this you are most likely a forerunner

Someone who’s dealt in spirituality and understanding of the soul and its purpose here

With over 7 billion people on heart- a good I would say 1/12 have this understanding and awareness

Half of that are already plugged into their service in the collective souls plan

All parts of the flower of life- this is our end connection

This is not a race, but a journey of realization

No time limit on this one

(Percentage guesstimated)

Things to practice
Radical forgivness

In this age of dark becoming light- those who switch to service(by confession) don’t need punishment nor celebration but the least respect.

Eventual celebration possible determined on outcomes.

Evil should rejoice in mercy and forgiveness-

Don’t expect to be honored for some time.

Execution should be well thought out and preferably agreed upon.

If it lessons your karma a great deal and delivers you to a better commune, it might be sought after.

Ego Reformation

Subconsciously much of our collective despises those who are striving to be something greater.

I talk of the little guys, those who haven’t “made it” yet or are striving to become more.

Discern who’s coming from a real place and who’s doing it for fame and gratification.

If we fail to support things and people that are truly for us, we are truly letting ourselves down.

We are tired of all these advertisements and ways of monetary forms of promotion- corporations.

This will all erase when our collective chooses to offer service in a way that we individually feel is for true soul expansion.

Added some visuals for better view on these topic.

Pictures and videos say a thousand words.


Facing the problems of our world with a sense of tenacity.

Faith in knowing our eternal nature and how death or temporary lack in the face of our current circumstances is a breath of fresh air compared to complacent living.

When I think of a beautiful mindset when it comes to the end I think of Varvatos Vex- a favorite cartoon I watched on my break in San Antonio-

Carona Virus

If you don’t have 44 minutes fast forward to 14:53 to see what we could be up against

What society has done has trained in us not to worry. Don’t. Do not worry a spec for the grandness of life is a beautiful thing to live, and RESPECT.

We respect it by remaining aware or at least being amongst a system we can TRUST to deal with parts we don’t want to use on our time.

Not everyone can become a micro biologist to see whats going on with our internal systems.

Below is for those in power who can protect these guys- we will need them for recovery.

But even not, I believe we are protected greater than we realize. Feel it with faith.


(Or maybe we’ll vibrate so high these critters will melt! Both options work fine, I guess this might pertain to what level of existence one would want to live at?)

I don’t know what the future holds exactly- sometimes I do what you could call prophesying because I do know timelines(these come from all understandings) and can tell what way we are navigating. This is something we can do collectively- movies and religion are great for insight on the imagination, one only needs to tie to inventions, concepts, and views that our path leads.

Does wonders for ideas in manifestation, art.

You could talk them out for people to understand but sometimes the explanation is a bit more complex.

Having a large perception combined with what we are dealing with currently and the path each detail leads, we can avoid detrimental paths on our collective journey of evolution.

Wether in the future we are celebrating a heroic leaders and timeliness or learning from the path of ignorance- may our leaders be aware and understand the vast perspectives they deal in while bringing benevolent and beautiful collective transformation.

Thank You for your time

Marcus Vicente

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Recent about me

I personally have been going through some major growth spurts in my evolution.

Intuition on the raise, perception widening, love within myself and for others increasing.(Not in the affectionate way- more like speaking hard truths)

I’m coming from a Mars in Aries into a Mars in Pisces, meaning my way of assertion can be quiet brutal- its something getting better and appreciate compassion as I improve in grace and flow. I feel like a boxed animal in a world economy that is in the process of learning to love itself properly by seeing the captors and areas we are allowing captivity.

Slowly finding freedom in our own excellence, the system is starting to match this internal being ness with the help of love and light we cultivate within.

I find the process harder than it should be as do many- the last thing I want to do is revolt, though I know its only a matter of time before the flow changes the grain. Like the water over rock, the system for which we are in is ever so slightly evolving to serve the soul- We only need remain aware of where we are putting our energy(time+resources), making sure its all in the direction of service for all(best we can).

In human design I’m a projector meaning I create things without the need or want to push it onto others- basically creating what others are manifesting. It sits well with me. I hate advertisers and self promoters(for money’s sake only xD) but sadly its what we need in this world currently to be seen.(one day advertising could be like the social network you can look at when you need something- not something to be forced on you)(How much money do we use on this? and what happened to privacy? damn)

Call me a late bloomer, the amount of trauma I have runs deep, the annoyance and heartache from my loyalties doesn’t help much in this transformation either though you wonder, maybe its all part of this plan of self reliance and growth. We choose how our definition of flow works, I do my best to make it encouraging.

(Not taking away anything from the love I’ve been shown, I am a very lucky person in that aspect, though if we knew big picture and full perspective, I believe our priorities would be much different)

I’m not perfect. In fact its a weakness that I’m working through in what I’m building. (not needing things to be perfect)

I guess thats the part of me who feels thats what we are and deserve.

Teachers, Gurus, Saints, Sinners, our Support –

(considering the circumstances)I believe it would be in our best interest to find benevolence and start pouring abundance into them.

Guide from love, truth and wisdom in your connection, these platforms of true love should be supported by all of humanity for humanity.

More on this understanding coming in Dynamic on deer.network(getting this right or close to it has been a task, damn perfection)

Shalom, Namaste and Best wishes family


The darkness mist is something we wonder

The devises within are gadgets to sonder

These tools they are performance enhancers

The devices take out the negative cancers

The words and hate spewed out the mouth of others

They are not friendly, an attack on our very mothers

The care created is this internal divine compassion

Is sacred beauty of our sanctified soul left on ration

It needs lifting and cultivation unmade by those careless

It requires our concoctions, a kind of mystified fearlessness

This light others cannot know but the one who designs it

It’s there to block out the ignorance and blindness in a fit

The solid foundation is a wall built of pure realization

It lets the stones cast turn to something of sanitation

The cleanliness that is born comes out of a still knowing

The devil within, this our ability created, this is his showing


When coming up against the pettiness of someone’s unconscious ego it’s necessary to recognize the demon or badass within yourself that is true recognizing and standing up for oneself. Not in always in action, but in being. This is integrating your shadow. This is rising above duality.

It’s understanding the depth of evil within others and their lack of ability to heal or understand their cause.

It’s the joker or un-evolved sage that toys with others lack in creating this within themselves.

Nothing is wrong(a paradox). It all serves a purpose. Even those who fight for truth- and evil.

This is sovereignty from the self.

Tell me hello @ Marcus@deer.network

Thanks for listening to a man ramble on his truth.

About the author: Marcus V.

I've been a conductor of sorts since I can remember, leading the music as a child from the seats at church.
As I grew older I ran into restrictions and realized they happened because there was something in society that needed attention.
Coming from the bottom of the social ladder I made a promise to myself that I would come back to help those in the depths of despair.

As time went on I was caught off by society standards of "making money" all the while learning lessons in love, joy, care, and truths of the world.

These lessons allowed me to gain an understanding in the way of energy and how it related to our global flow and systemic processes.
Seeing the way our world had effort in division I felt the need to create something everyone had in common without detracting from their truths.

Something benevolent that served the all from the bottom up.

From the bottom- being abused and coming from depression, I became a healer.

Finding love that broke my heart into pieces(multiple times) I learned of love and its solidity.

Experiencing my greatest connection to everything at festivals, I realized I need to bring this flow to others.

Seeing and feeling the pain we were causing other beings as well as the unconscious way we were managing the world, I understood care.

Last aspect of my being sees the ways humanity is being taken advantage of by outer creations of darkness. Light doesn't stand in the sight without notice.

I can see myself as being a protector and advocate toward creating the liberty for my brothers and sisters who don't know what's going on behind the scenes to keep them dumbed down and unaware of many forms of greed for the sake of monetary gain.

Knowing what others do not know they do not know is a curse and purpose that I am glad to be on the road to resolve.
I hate to see the world in the manner for which its been led. I'm not a fan of ignorant and willful pandering when it comes to the beauty of our people.

Putting all my parts in this drive together I formulated my deepest truth connected to what I could create to impact in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.

Whether Deer Network plays a key part or not- I know the basic principles from its truth create a positive effect in the world today.

I'll say that most people have experienced everything I have- we are some tough souls, we've all been through A LOT and are only really looking for the right things to represent us.

Me personally
I find it easier to believe in others and their truth (many belief systems included).
Keeping an open mind has allowed a deeper understanding of the world and its stories of creation.

After drawing up my entire life I realized the greater purpose in soul growth by ditching the old ways of the matrix and its unconscious ruling for a more responsible and aligned flow that represented me as well as those I love most. Through my close connection with source and my intiution, my guide in creation is certainly more of an unfoldment than creation. A symbiotic relationship with life and its truths let this all happen.

It's a great service to love humanity and our world- thank you for being here.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Sag/Aqua moon and Leo Rising.
Life path 9 and an INFP Myers Briggs.
Human Design Projector with a 4/6 profile
My purpose is to raise global frequency.
I know many share in this purpose.
Deer Network is that expression.

A network that allows for any and all to tap into a greater collective purpose to unite, preserve, and express world beauty.


Thank you to everyone that has been able to help thus far on my journey.

Jesus and Buddha, All angels and ascended masters, Spirits of teaching, My Mom and Dad, Adam and Kari Newman, Christy and Ryan Hodges, April and Josh Peterson, Celeste and Stetson Kauer, Dave Nguyen, Tanh Ha Tran, Aven Fleck, Jake Boyce, Cole Kelly, Mason Miller, Holly Field, Lauren Buzzard, Douglas Fresca, Thomas Jenkins, Garrick Pinon, William Kouroupis, Derrick Clevland, Johnny Barber, Albert Hernandes, Jared Janacek, Allison, Dallas Brown, Khira, Dalin, Mathijs van Dam, Thomas Hurst, Glen Coco, Armon Pennick, Jax, Adam Johnson, Darius Fontenette, Anh Huy Nguyen, Cupid Carlione, Michael Staffeldt, Randi Southard, Shea Kumecki, Son Truong, Valley Mike, DL Brake, Mike Paul, Alyona Fleck, Avi Aba, JR, Maddie King, Dalin Bernard

Phil Good, Sister Shanti, Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Rion DeRouen, Jordan Sather, Katy Haydn Axel Schneider, Matt Kahn, Conscious_Beardman, la_passionate, Peng Joon

Special thanks to Tom Delonge and Eric Prydz for their inspiration in the art of brilliance.

And anyone else I might have missed!

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work
- Steven Furtick

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burk

It is the light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Nelson Mandela

There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.
- Marjorie P. Hinckley

It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.
- Anatole France

Go big or go home.
- Eliza Dushku

Made and guided by source divine- one of protection and love for these times.

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