Find Peace Within

The process of finding peace within comes as the journey of self realization

When we put off feelings of discomfort or trauma, we stack frequency that causes soul disharmony

These parts are collected within our psyche and body that never have the chance to be seen, felt or realized

Within these chambers of our essence we explore within, we alchemize the disharmony with the truth of our soul

Let’s call the parts that operate from misaligned soul expression as lower ego/mind

Finding Peace Within provides necessary tools and knowledge to transcend the lower mind and its negative causations

What’s the process?

Peace Within is attained and maintained through various practices throughout society

When healing the mind, letting go of what was is as important as understanding and accepting of what is

By releasing negative self perpetuating beliefs we start to conduct a tuning and healing of our personal frequency

With this space of healing and transformation by self enlightenment, we begin changing the world from the inside out

Deer Network organizes the basics to start on the journey of self healing and self realized integration

It starts within. It starts with you.

Start with hypnotherapy to target specific problems with the mind/body before moving into meditations and affirmations

For understanding and global attunement click below

Value Proposition


Traumas and limiting belief systems are keeping the soul from maintaining a peaceful state of being


Personal negative energy healing

Learn to become a healer

Assistance to those who need healing


Less negative projection

Increased positive reflection

Collective peace of mind


By releasing negative vibrations within, we create space for others to heal their problems, let go of their issues, and express themselves fully for a greater system of vibrational attunement.

You find peace not at rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

Eckhart Tolle