When viewing the moon(information) there is often some shadow that isn’t fully addressed

In all information and data its important not to throw out the info just because its not fully correct

Watching videos you might know things that are not said, and you might know answers to problems not shown

Information is here for purpose of awareness and increased conscious collective decision making for the future

Know that our world has been in control of dark forces for some time and don’t want anyone to see these

Dark forces are not necessarily humanist, they do not wish for humanities benevolent transformation

Understanding Capitalism

Epstein Case and the Mass Gaslighting of Humanity

Population Control Lie

Monopoly on Monetary

The Waste of NASA

The Fixed Economy

The Truth About Current Education

Corruption and Enslavement by Our Monetary System


Gun Control

US Corporation

Climate Plan for Control

Technocracy Agenda



Child Exploitation

Strong Communities

Advanced Healing

More to come

Light Worker


We will not give in to claims of victory until we see it through

We have nothing to fear for we battle for our worlds cause into eternity

Plus we haven’t even gotten to boogie with friends yet

Shalom and best wishes family of Light

Leaving Video and Grounding

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Thank You

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it into the light.

George Washington