Different faculties of frequency bring to pass certain products and/or knowledge on areas that are recommended for integration and innerstanding

By highlighting these different parts we gain awareness on what levels are dealing with so we can target them specifically within our environments of service

In each section we make understanding to 3 different levels to simplify our efforts in its presentation and happening as to correlate it with the souls pace of embodiment


Light would be that of a teacher.

They take things lighter and with an ease and grace as to bring greater resolution to lower levels of recognition

The frequency varies based on the other levels and can transition to


Welcome to the walk of frequency orchestration to manifestation

Here we raise global consciousness by the important matters in retainment to soul growth and connection

This is a place for all to voice their knowing and ability to transcend views through connected action and sovereign flow

We pick our content based on what aligns greatest with humanities collective sovereign flow

If you find interest in voicing to the people your truth and find it aligns with the people

Please send your link/youtube to the corresponding section for review

Thank you

Below is our daily expansion in conscious understanding and soul knowing

We would like to invite you to select what you feel called to know and expand

All services will be available to you once we have completed setup


Overlooking “negative” or “low vibrational” material and information is bypassing

Sovereignty remains in tact from truth without being tied up in the vibration of data

By seeing things from a full perspective we allow for a greater wholeness to unfold in our world


I think people that vibrate at the same frequency, vibrate toward each-other. They call it, in science, sympethetic vibrations.

Erykah Badu