Does it one day fall in our lap?

Humanities highest truth united in greater flow

Is it something that we can pick up and run with?

Our sovereign abilities aligned within the greater whole

What element does the soul bring to our human collective?

Feeling out the truth to our being in this system isn’t always easy

Our truth is found through our experience and deep journey reflection

The realizations in pondering give us the structure and means to accomplish

In a world that is evolving past ego and materialism, what unique part do we play?

Once it is found, how does one implement it with its greatest support and artful intention?

This is our new found fragile child to be greatness, copulated by the beauty of our darkness and light

The light that is the vision, combined with the complexity of others creating our collective earth unfoldment

Finding and driving this purpose towards a united collective ending is the vision and goal of our united humanity

A vision that is all inclusive, all endearing, and all accepting with the conscious understanding of what that entails

Accepting beauty in our differences while allowing the gift of our being to be orchestrated in a benevolent manner

Those entering in this state of wonder, exploration, and service are sure to meet vast perceptions and requires

the ability to connect, accept, and support those who see and experience the world differently

The views that are met are valid and true and only add to our kind and complexion

Another piece of vision that brings about the beauty of mankind

One that expresses the individuality of the soul

Creating change in each unique manner

This is the vision of our humanity

We are the colors in the dark

We are the shine at night

|the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose|

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