The process of hypnotherapy is a target on issues that need direct attention

Through this targeting shines light directly on the part of the negative energy or mind construct that needs loving release

By giving the fragment love and attention, the blind spots can be realized and mended back into a peaceful/loving vibration

Below find the issue you’re having a problem with and also the version that best works for you

Mix with meditation for optimal guidance on what needs specific attention

Enlightenment will often bring tears of realization

This will come in joy, understanding, and compassion

*Understand that once finished with healings, the soul is purified and will not agree with actions that go against its true nature.

You will feel these habits out by how your body and spirit respond

This is emotional and intuitional guidance

Find what works with practiced abstinence

Inner Child

Understand that throughout childhood there are events that can cause one to lose touch with their innocence.

A part of them loves to be in the moment and enjoy life a bit more carefree.

Connecting back to a this part of yourself allows for the release of blockages that cause a skewed view of the world


The angles anxiety and depression can come from is not limited by external issues alone but from many internal beliefs that create a feeling of emptiness.

Once you tap into a deeper understanding of how to mend these spaces with self love and compassion, will create the allowance for the betterment of life circumstances.

Many times it’s as simple as forgiving and letting go of self constructed illusions and allowing positivity to flow back into the psyche.

Sleep Disorders

While the cause of many sleep disorders goes miss understood, it usually comes from miss-alignment from how one views its life situation.

Relaxing the mind while given proper perspective of life events can totally transform how navigating issues should be handled.

Once understood, create an inner resolve to be better, sleeping with new intention of a brighter tomorrow.

Hypnosis can help in allowing your true soul desires to come into fruition.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma causes ones view of the world to be at its darkest. This darkness engulfs the mind in believing the experience is real life and creates a propagation of these experiences. Hypnosis will help the mind come back to a peaceful state by recognizing the truth to thoughts and assist in the repatterning of any heavy experience.

Loss & Grief

Losing someone can feel like losing a major part of who we are.

The memories and love connection that has been felt can take weeks months and even years to heal with no intervention. Feelings run deep with relationships and the memories should be loved and cherished while creating the space needed to live a more harmonious life.

Create that for yourself through hypnosis.

Eating Disorders

The cause of eating disorders can occur at any age and stems from false beliefs about weight gain, loss, or by traumatic events and pressures from society. Go within and meet the self that fragmented from belief or experience.

Find and rebuild the connection to the part of you that you abandoned because of miss judgment or cruelty.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse comes from living a life without fullness of purpose and connection to others.

When leaving the mind to idleness you create a void within instead of embracing life to the fullest.

Learning to be still with negativity till its transmuted will help in creating a better present moment.

Those who are free from resentful thoughts surly find peace.