The original with this proclaimed alignment to man- which is fallible in some respect.

The title imagery isn’t God either yet, I would like to challenge how god plays a role in future tech.

The world of light, dark and everything in between.
We live in some confusing times- light posing as dark- dark posing as light.
Nothing wrong with it- usually stemming from a sort of ignorance, misunderstanding and even teaching.
Though higher truths need to step in and lay the ground rules of what’s real and illusion to assist in expansion.
When you look upon the world you see life setup as rules and regulations from times of old and times of new.
The soul part of us is coming back to energy, emotion, stoicism, and expression is our power.
These are the tools in which to manipulate feeling(rightly) and allow life to flow.
Laws set up by the code within universal creation itself.
These rules are valuable, some are malleable.
They should be applied benevolently.

For this blog-
I challenge you to see everything from a fresh perspective and priorities.

Dancing With Deus

Loving our government and system is a tricky subject.
In the world that we live in currently, living by love alone isn’t the ticket home.
Home to our greater sense of being- one without energetic restrictions.

For many generations darkness within our economy has run much of our system.
Darkness in the form of greed within corporations, mobs, cults, and other forms of control.
This part of society is something that comes from unhealed parts within- as well as not self-realizing.
It’s not exactly fun calling out the pains and ignorance that has run rampant for so long, its a tender topic.
It’s also a thin line running the protector for many and also not looking like someone who hates the world and system we have.
Dancing with both sides of the line you tend to run into ignorance of both sides, the wealthy and level headed many times, not a clue to how the lower class and negatively conditioned actually live(some don’t even care). You get to know them and it can come at quite a surprise at how beautiful they are and how little is done to truly (I say this with a souls eye view) assist them in their life.
Then you have the lower class, many not an idea on what it takes to be educated then to build a life of luxury for them and their family.
Or maybe they were educated in the wrong area and now live miserably doing something they hate to appease a system that doesn’t serve them.
Some running into scams and lies within society pushing them to the bottom without a prayer of return.
Countless educated adults with mountains of debt, hopeless of ever paying it back.
The perceptions of how the family has been thrown onto the pavement are endless.
All sides suffer either from the pains of growth, miseducation, misdirection, or poverty.
All sides having feelings and wish to be given the opportunity to find and embrace their unique abilities, to feel loved, and to have success in life.
All sides feel the pains of some kind of energetic debt to the life they chose to live, much of it coming from not making the connection to their soul.

Sure it’s up to each person to find this greatness and give this gift to the world. But how well has our system provided this realization in our lives?

Our democracy and republic have been one of great endeavor in our history, something to be respected for its ability to help the world.
But the other side, if we are to cast a blind eye to the harm and corruption that’s been grown from it, like ignoring our pain within the human psyche, it too will fester and grow if we don’t face it. The effect is we are in fact, projecting this darkness and mental stigmas onto our economic system.
These stigmas result in homelessness, lack mentality, power over others, separation, and corruption.
If we were to view our society and life from a higher frame of mind, care would come before pride.
Healthy pride is ok, but with the results of pride and greed, we have many misaligned and misguided in their lives.
Pride also resulting in the feelings of complacency and ignorance from one side and the other side blind anger against our predecessors.
The fact of the matter is we don’t know what’s all been done, the extent for which things have unfolded currently- we need to be concerned yesterday.
I’m not saying be concerned, I’m saying tap into a greater awareness of what’s being done, and what needs to be done for a benevolent change.
Looking at the harm of malevolence and how it’s just openly sitting in our faces, speaks volumes for how long we’ve decided to remain in ignorance.
We need to feel the anger burn from injustice, we need to feel it burn hard and strong, while remaining grounded we can use this to stand powerful.
The enemy we seek isn’t a person, business, or structure(though can be), but the energy/thought forms that have invaded and controlled these things.
This is a paradigm shift of all sides to get in alignment with the truth of who we are, why we are here, and what we can accomplish.
Seeking to understand the full perspective of what we are dealing with so we can make wise choices for our future.
We must remain honest with ourselves, cutting nothing back from our understanding of the removal of corruption.
Attachment to patriotism, pride, ego, diversion, and distraction is what splits us from our unity.
These group mentalities of emotion are vehicles of energy that can be hijacked.
Often times used as means that do not serve the ones riding them.
Emotion being a teacher- something to feel and understand.
Using wisdom to recognize and step back from manipulation.
Wisdom being that of the heart- our truth in our connection and eternal being.
This is the “be love” of our societies, though still working through our collective consciousness.

Being in love with truth-
Sometimes self love and society love comes as a forced truth, light, and element of fire.
Sometimes the lag of broken relationships and tired economical constructs keep us back from our full expansion.
Does it feel good? At first and temporarily, probably not, depending on how you perceive it.

Within each system, the issues to be diagnosed and shined on are from each section as they understand it best.
Perception to the point of action is required and not something we can always discern except the group living it.
Society runs the same way. Each and every system and corporation knows alone what needs to be applied for transmutation.

As an example
I’ve worked for 3 major systems. Security alarm sales, home renovations, and insurance restoration.
Anyone within a system(works accordingly) knows that if built a certain way;
1. They would solve problems not maintain them
2. We’d have products that would last much longer OR be permanent
3. Society would waste next to nothing while saving time, energy, and resources

The only problem being capitalism wouldn’t be able to prosper off of solved problems.
This is where I’m walking a bit into the dark here- ideas copulate future outcomes- not knowledge
So we create a system that built off of both, capitalism acting as the father drive-
Another system within our capitalist system to keep it true-
to keep out the corruption-
to provide for the souls that need assistance in to the greater whole

The number of systems we’ve created for means of never-ending cash flow (which we don’t have) vs benevolent means of permanent creation and appliance is minimal and a stint in our evolution.
Corruption, Malevolence and even ambivalence has taken hold of the money-making scheme and has been riding it within our economies on the backs of our people for far too long.
Not saying its an issue that needs to be thrown out, but transformed to more equally serve to each other.
This will take the collective to become aware of the full structure they work with and hold it accountable to benevolence.
To shine their light by finding the worst most negative and needed transformed parts within work and society structures as a whole
We need to find and plug these holes of the wasted flow of finances and how to best level the playing field for our loved ones.
If we want a true society, if we want one of pure and benevolent nature, people that know the truth have got to speak up.

In this blog I’ve talked of two parts- Find.Peace and Shine.Light
Two important purposes to cleanse societal energy to create a better world for us all.
Instead of looking at these things like a chore, I would see it as the path of life or dance with Deus.
Something to see as a puddle of energy within a system that we use in shining the light of our individuality.

If humanity would be wise- we would apply for benevolent means.
If it’s not serving the collective its not serving the soul.

Ill end with this
We have to be happy to have those who hate the thoughts of a new system.
If you’ve ever had a best friend growing up that was always harping on your faults, you would never be challenged to be better.
Not saying that’s the only way to improve, certainly there are, but that’s how we have to view things.
The last thing we want to do is create a monster of a system that doesn’t benefit everyone.
Part of getting it done is being honest with ourselves about what we do have and then realize how we can make it better.

Lets love our government and system the best way we can.

Lets dance fam


About the author: Marcus V.

I've been a conductor of sorts since I can remember, leading the music as a child from the seats at church.
As I grew older I ran into restrictions and realized they happened because there was something in society that needed attention.
Coming from the bottom of the social ladder I made a promise to myself that I would come back to help those in the depths of despair.

As time went on I was caught off by society standards of "making money" all the while learning lessons in love, joy, care, and truths of the world.

These lessons allowed me to gain an understanding in the way of energy and how it related to our global flow and systemic processes.
Seeing the way our world had effort in division I felt the need to create something everyone had in common without detracting from their truths.

Something benevolent that served the all from the bottom up.

From the bottom- being abused and coming from depression, I became a healer.

Finding love that broke my heart into pieces(multiple times) I learned of love and its solidity.

Experiencing my greatest connection to everything at festivals, I realized I need to bring this flow to others.

Seeing and feeling the pain we were causing other beings as well as the unconscious way we were managing the world, I understood care.

Last aspect of my being sees the ways humanity is being taken advantage of by outer creations of darkness. Light doesn't stand in the sight without notice.

I can see myself as being a protector and advocate toward creating the liberty for my brothers and sisters who don't know what's going on behind the scenes to keep them dumbed down and unaware of many forms of greed for the sake of monetary gain.

Knowing what others do not know they do not know is a curse and purpose that I am glad to be on the road to resolve.
I hate to see the world in the manner for which its been led. I'm not a fan of ignorant and willful pandering when it comes to the beauty of our people.

Putting all my parts in this drive together I formulated my deepest truth connected to what I could create to impact in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.

Whether Deer Network plays a key part or not- I know the basic principles from its truth create a positive effect in the world today.

I'll say that most people have experienced everything I have- we are some tough souls, we've all been through A LOT and are only really looking for the right things to represent us.

Me personally
I find it easier to believe in others and their truth (many belief systems included).
Keeping an open mind has allowed a deeper understanding of the world and its stories of creation.

After drawing up my entire life I realized the greater purpose in soul growth by ditching the old ways of the matrix and its unconscious ruling for a more responsible and aligned flow that represented me as well as those I love most. Through my close connection with source and my intiution, my guide in creation is certainly more of an unfoldment than creation. A symbiotic relationship with life and its truths let this all happen.

It's a great service to love humanity and our world- thank you for being here.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Sag/Aqua moon and Leo Rising.
Life path 9 and an INFP Myers Briggs.
Human Design Projector with a 4/6 profile
My purpose is to raise global frequency.
I know many share in this purpose.
Deer Network is that expression.

A network that allows for any and all to tap into a greater collective purpose to unite, preserve, and express world beauty.


Thank you to everyone that has been able to help thus far on my journey.

Jesus and Buddha, All angels and ascended masters, Spirits of teaching, My Mom and Dad, Adam and Kari Newman, Christy and Ryan Hodges, April and Josh Peterson, Celeste and Stetson Kauer, Dave Nguyen, Tanh Ha Tran, Aven Fleck, Jake Boyce, Cole Kelly, Mason Miller, Holly Field, Lauren Buzzard, Douglas Fresca, Thomas Jenkins, Garrick Pinon, William Kouroupis, Derrick Clevland, Johnny Barber, Albert Hernandes, Jared Janacek, Allison, Dallas Brown, Khira, Dalin, Mathijs van Dam, Thomas Hurst, Glen Coco, Armon Pennick, Jax, Adam Johnson, Darius Fontenette, Anh Huy Nguyen, Cupid Carlione, Michael Staffeldt, Randi Southard, Shea Kumecki, Son Truong, Valley Mike, DL Brake, Mike Paul, Alyona Fleck, Avi Aba, JR, Maddie King, Dalin Bernard

Phil Good, Sister Shanti, Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Rion DeRouen, Jordan Sather, Katy Haydn Axel Schneider, Matt Kahn, Conscious_Beardman, la_passionate, Peng Joon

Special thanks to Tom Delonge and Eric Prydz for their inspiration in the art of brilliance.

And anyone else I might have missed!

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work
- Steven Furtick

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burk

It is the light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Nelson Mandela

There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.
- Marjorie P. Hinckley

It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.
- Anatole France

Go big or go home.
- Eliza Dushku

Made and guided by source divine- one of protection and love for these times.

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