Manifesting collective future flow

Honoring the truth of our being knows our connection with everything

In this recognition do we create our moment by moment constructs and truths to be heard

By doing so our ability to round out the elements needed to fill the gaps of gnosis to creation are at hand

A part of manifesting where we pick and choose the elements based on the time and place we wish to operate

This is the everlasting forward motion of all the visions and pieces we collectively dream into world being

As a conscious humanity we unite in our delivery of these meditated manifestations

Combined with pure in heart connection and flow, life unfolds

The Past and Future are vital perceptions in our ability to first understand what is needed and then where we are heading

At any given moment we are collectively believing our future into our current manifested future outcome

These are important elements for the sake of reclaiming the ethers of our collective reality

Taking hold and honoring that which we create pays mind to these truths

“Thought is a force- a manifestation of energy- having a magnet- like the power of attraction.”

William Atkinson