A Personal Truth

Marcus Alexander Vicente

Marcus is a Visionary, Artist, and Humanitarian

Co-Manifesting a blanket of motherly love for the world

When I look out into the world I see a nation brought to its knees.

I see its people in confusion and wonder if there is any diliverance from this hole we dug ourselves

I see the people and their confusion come from a place that they didn’t even create, but merely living from shadow of the past

I see new found children in a world never before stepped foot into, a fresh lake pristine as a quiet winters day

Hello and welcome to an about Marcus

My world and effort in my becoming was a humor and satire

The craziest person I could be in the sense my only goal was to make others happy

That all changed when I was put in a box for the remaining elementary, junior high, and most my high school life

I wouldn’t change a thing though because what I gained in observation and self reflection, I take with me the rest my life

These past 10-15 years has been a cycle of going in and out of my shell recognizing bigger truth coming to the front of humanity

I like to believe the imagination creates avenues of greater ability expression

This avenue brings sight and great worth to the builders that can ground the parts within

Re-learning the avenue of this flow and talent takes time and effort in those intentional talented aquariums

One of those being I do believe that infinite years old allows the essence of wisdom to bleed through our consciousness

Faking isn’t required in tapping into a conscious flow of channeling that comes from a source unbeknown within our collective

If you’ve ever heard of lightworkers, you might have heard of star-seeds or beings from others constellations that arrived here to help this world

In this life we find all the pieces that are out there and bring them together to create a true resonance of how our world and narrative truly operates.

I don’t believe the narrative we are given as souls without pasts

The chances of this being our first incarnation I find crazy for the fact of my own soul recognition

I believe the elements that occurred in our past here on earth called forth a change

This change came in the delivery of new souls on the earth meant for different roles in bringing benevolent change

These ingredients you might call indigos, crystals, golden, and diamond children

Each with their different roles in bringing change to the world.

My being resonates with the Diamond/Chrystal Sense of what my role in bringing the change to be

(I will be going through these other parts in a future blog)

Diamonds are masters in universal law

They have lived in the highest and know sovereignty in a way that brings liberty and freedom to masses

So long we bring the elements together properly everything will unfold as its meant to

You cant expect any part to be perfect

You can expect them to each have their own flaws unique to them

None better than the other though bringing to light the chance to evolve in greater flow


The evolution of our being is why we are here

The gnosis and love that we are, naturally brings us together without effort

While including other forms of expression brought on from all, we build the bridge of love with advancement

The twelve zodiacs finishing with their fulfillment equating the representative 13 or wholeness

In that wholeness we are creative, wise, and true in creation

Astrology is but one flavor of resonance that we can integrate

The other elements of our being are also, fractals of our joyful expression

It is our sovereign right and opportunity to build beauty for each-other

In all ways.

Whether they be true, manifestation and orchestration only requires a token

The pending result is based on our ability with the follow through

We are building the Golden Age because we can

Welcome to the Golden Age of Aquarius

I’m happy to assist.

For more information check out Awareness

I want to do me.

I want others to do them.

This is where we make it happen.

I grew up in a religious home of Mormonism, aka the Latter Day Saints. (Amazing people and religion minus unaddressed shadow)

Life taught me it was my responsibility to not only rebel against misgovernance but do so by creating system that paralleled to something of what my parents believed in religion while including other parts of Universal Expression.

As my understanding of life continued I found greater resonance with other worldly beliefs and ways of being that included deeper forms of love and recognition that pointed at the importance of self realization and gnosis.

Integrating and expressing my truth boiled down to the creation of Deer Network with the depth of ability that included my essence being Cancer Sun- a nurturing motherly care that looked after others energetically, my Aquarius moon that sits well with connecting humanity to greater aspects of truth and my Leo Rising in leading this effort by whatever means I create.

Being a Projector within human design allowed me to relax into creation, realizing that life was an art that I only needed to focus on and allow whatever and whoever felt called to join in its efforts.

Deeper aspects within this creation including my past lives or star parts helped in knowing that my being as well as many others is only an antidote and catalyst for changing times.

These Integrations don’t take effort in forcing but more of an inward exploration and outward manifestation/action to share with those who feel into this knowing as well.

This world and our part only being a heaven un-manifested, a conjuration to be allowed and enjoyed.

I’m happy to share with all who resonate


Marcus Vicente



With the recent change to the astrological system of Sidereal astrology, my own purpose and insight on how I view myself expanded.

I love Astrology.

If it wasn’t accurate or not congruent with how I felt about myself or the world, its still amazing to me the amount of recognition one sees in the world.

My new placements are as this:

My Sun is in Gemini

My Moon is in Capricorn

My Rising is in Cancer

To make this kind of switch hurt. I’ve known my Tropical placements for most my life(didn’t study much, but recognized the energy).

As much as I know non attachment to things as the way, I decided to look into it further through feeling.

What I found is how I had been inhibiting myself and my abilities to a point of slothfulness.

What I mean by that is, my growth in other areas became stagnant.

Other signs I didn’t study as much because, why know more?

Come to think of it, astrology like any school subject isn’t near as effective if you don’t apply yourself fully.

To those that know me, know I’m a bit slow.

Not in the realms of intellect, but action.

(at times intellect, don’t tell anyone)

I like to be sure of things, and I like to plant my foot solid(as a Capricorn moon might)

(Just to use an example)

To me, the truth of this matter doesn’t matter as much as the fact that, I wouldn’t have studied Aquarian energy or maybe even possibly the Aquarian Age as much as I have.

It wouldn’t have led me to the path I’m on now, and with that, additional tools on my belt of beingness.

I wouldn’t know the energy of Cancer, Aquarius and Leo as I do(I’m still working with Leo haha).

Quiet literally, we could make up 60 different fire signs if we were creative enough.

I liken this to the Sami people who have 180 words for snow and Ice.

(They also have over 1000 different words for Reindeer!)

(Washington Post- Google Search)

This is just the surface of what Sidereal has taught me in matters of myself.

The list of new recognition is long and diverse in the realm of energetics.

We have much to align and contribute in truth of future flow.

In the end, the evolution of mankind has the ability to know and embody all energies.

We have the ability to shapeshift into whatever energy/flow we feel/need.


Not everyone agrees with astrology or thinks it of importance.

To them I would say, dive into something else that feels more aligned with who you are and what you wish to know in the realms of energetics.

The fact we feel the energy of hate and love and its diverse way of reception shows;

Energy is real, it makes up everything and is effected by everything.

I like to think of us as highly complex and sophisticated beings

To act anything less would be a disservice to ourselves

What is a Quantum Conductor?

Based on my experience, kind of a mess

Getting the right song or video for the right moment can be enjoyable but its not always in tune

(Things will improve with expansion, one person certainly can’t solely take the reigns- it’s proving difficult)

Every video posted often references something going on in life that is felt and hope others do as well

My intention is to create the greatest sovereign recognition for every now moment we experience in this unfolding

Understanding resonance within all layers of frequency allows for greater service in our unfoldment

with an eye for truth one would like to highlight parts that we need in this greater alignment

Currently (10/5/21) the content is 6-12 videos per month on each faculty(more in Shadow Daily)

If you wish to know more about who I am and my view of the world, check out my blog

Marcus Alexander Vicente

Thank You

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work

Steven Furtick

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