There are thousands of types of meditations that have been created

We focus on intentional inspiration through different vibrations that activate a different sense of being

With binaural beats you can create the right view of feeling through meditating with these various frequencies

Gamma Waves

Use gamma waves to access higher levels of consciousness, memory recall, and transcendental states.

With this eagle view sight and vibration of your mental space and being you can gain foresight and understanding of where you are in life and what direction you should put your focus on.

A heightened big picture perception.

Vision through the heart.

Beta Waves

Beta waves allow for increased work speed, focus, high level cognition, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

When you gain your direction, put your sight on the product with beta waves and enjoy your focus.

Let the process be your meditation.

Alpha Waves

The area of alpha waves effects the mind by relaxing the focus while reducing stress with an allowance of increased learning and flow state.

This is the medium state of vibrational occupancy that brings to fruition greater clarity and understanding.

Let the smooth beat take you into a simple flow and greater insight.

Theta Waves

When needing to tap into creativity or inspiration theta waves will give you the insight you need to recoup from a slower pace.

Whatever the information needed in whatever part of your life, tapping into the silence and deeper states allows importance to bubble up.

Delta Waves

Total relaxation and surrender comes with submitting the mind body to complete relaxation.

This allows for the body to activate healing, anti aging, and pain relief of the body and mind.

During this meditation the unconscious becomes conscious through dream interpretation and subconscious rewiring.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”

Ram Dass