When viewing the moon(information) there is often some shadow that isn’t being fully addressed

In all information and data its important not to throw out the info just because its not all fully in the light

Truth be known through your own perception and understanding of what feels right based on given information

As you can see below- Much has already been censored

Do due diligence where necessary

Understanding Capitalism

Monopoly on Monetary

The Truth About Current Education


Epstein Case and the Mass Gaslighting of Humanity

Population Control Lie

The Fixed Economy

Understanding Frequency(5G)

Corruption and Enslavement by Our Monetary System

Donald Trump

Corona Virus

Gun Control

US Corporation

Climate Plan for Control

Technocracy Agenda



Child Exploitation

Strong Communities

Advanced Healing

Last Updated: 5/10/20

Beings Of Light

Updated 7/28/21


There are claims that we have “won” and things are happening in divine order

No doubt worry is never the answer when it comes to manifesting our desired outcome, but know this

Generations have lost the battle of sovereignty because of complacency and believing victory is already achieved


We are the generation that will stand true to our greatness as beings of truth and liberty

We are the generation that will take back our power

We are the generation that will stake claim to what is ours

We will not give in to these claims of victory until we see it through

We have nothing to fear for we battle for our worlds cause into eternity

Plus we haven’t even gotten to tango yet(ok, i did once)

Shalom and best wishes family of Light

Leaving Video and Grounding

“Love speaks the truth.”