I am in no way saying I have or know all the answers. Don’t be quitting your job saying Marcus said this is stupid and pointless. You gotta plan out a strategy and be smart about it.


I see where our world and economy is and know that voicing my understanding is important- like the many thousands of people that should be voicing their truth as well.

I am a dreamer and visionary, so many of my thoughts are based in understanding emotion and energy. Something I believe to be an important element in creating awareness of for a society that’s better for everyone.

I understand the aqua energy that’s manifesting from a soul level and must talk on it.
My message might not resonate with everyone, so if it doesn’t, thats ok.
We are all in this together and only wish for a smooth transition.

My writings are not near perfect. They will get better with practice. Thank you for being here.

Pisces to Aquarius

As we flow and grow through life, reasons and purposes come to the forefront by realizations of who we are and how to best serve our highest version.
This highest version being one of personal innerstanding that betters the advancement of our society through embracing our deepest calling.
Try viewing the greatest person you know with the question, are they genuinely happy?
I say that many great people in service to others lack the intensity it takes to fully embrace the depth to that sort of vulnerability.
It’s taking a spot light on everything we believe within our egoic economical system that wishes to flee the ground work of benevolent transition.
The task of creating something that achieves the inner souls calling and drive to evolve the world is one that in some ways goes against the grain of our current society. Reason being we don’t have the organization to accomplish such tasks to feel as if we are even part of truly making an impact. (Deer Networks intention is to cultivate that.)
I would challenge us to make the assumption that our minds are open to advanced ways of achieving a collective goal that serves the souls knowing.
The knowing of our connection to everything- one that embraces vulnerability and grants us access to our authentic and loving nature.
Loving nature being coming back to a greatness that is benevolence- A trusting, loving, caring, and abundant view of the world.
Starting out, it will take a great amount of compassion and understanding of each souls journey, loving them to their greatness.
Greatness being helping them to find and believe in that deep soul calling that fits within collective energetic liberation.
Energetic liberation being from any belief, effect, or structure holding the collective back from being who we are.
This fluff of positive self view can be confusing- so what am I really saying here?
Im saying living love is one thing- working on building it by societies structure is another.
It boils down to transparent open systems and products that serve the collective.
Creating with the intention of going out of business and possibly out of service.
Problem solving means- not money making means.
This idea doesn’t process with limited perceptions- examples would be pharmaceuticals, government systems and resources used for the sole purpose of creating repeat customers.

Many times creating the problems to be used for money making purpose- Malevolence. 

Before we talk of this darkness and what we’ve created, we need to ask ourselves two important questions.
 Why or who else would we rather serve than our purpose and inner calling than that of exterior imaginary translation?
How rewarding and full-filled would humanity be spiritually if we were truly helping the masses from an unconditional accord?
Let these sit with you. This is the answer you will need to live your best life.

The age of Pisces- the age of darkness, a deep watery abyss of science, religion, and sacrifice.
The reason for piscine age is a beautiful exploration no doubt.
An exploration of the depths of humanities grand expansion across and within world understanding
For reasons of content and experience of low vibrational hardships and other forms of harmony create the songs and symphonies of our future.
The excess from this time is the corruption and unconscious or conscious malintent thats been produced.
(Its remnants do carry into many years into the future- its not vanishing but a fading out of ways, unless we wise up)
The art forms also include mass amounts of weapons and other areas of self protection and insecurity against a darkness and uncertainty.
The effects are a level of exploration and attachment onto outer constructs like religion, business and art that has been one of great learning and growth in all directions. These expansions have mainly been exterior, while many times neglecting the importance of the soul and its uniqueness.
The darkness and depth for which we’ve been swimming is slowly getting more and more shallow- the shore is coming into sight.

So what happens when we switch on the light?
What happens when we make it to shore and finally realize the treasure we’ve dug up?

This new age of Aquarius is one recognizing our connection to the whole.

Seeing the totality of our gifts of creation.
With the lights turned on- right out the gates we see the effects of collective ignorance being poverty, lack, and irresponsibility.
We cannot blame or be upset with ourselves, for the birth of these times create the future stories, ways of embrace, and collective song.
These new times bring on new measures, new understandings of the direction our society and world should head based on a grander deeper perspective.
This will result in a higher/deeper sense of love, compassion and understanding- a greater sense of inclusion, acceptance and connection- one that starts by example of a few (hundreds of thousands) while the masses are healed and caught up in their time.
How do we go about creating this in a way that is most aligned with humanities greatness?
One might look at first supporting a purpose of collective benevolence.
Nothing can hold you back from feeling your greatness in service to all.
The aqua business model of humanities equality and wholeness.
I see it as businesses evolving to envelope humanity in a blanket of gifts.
This is the effect of soul expansion through divine purpose and deliverance.
Im not suggesting anything trans-humanism as that is going against our nature and sovereignty.
What we are able to do as a society comes to season by our guidance of how we feel life should flow.
The dance for which we create comes from a depth of understanding the full perspective of the collective.
It’s all based on how well we are able to connect back to our truth within- something that material society doesn’t tend to push into account.

The light or truth to our being that you can see transitioning our world and nation is the embrace of our oneness.
Coming back to self and world respect though avenues like yoga, meditation, other forms of self love, self realization, and care towards our body, earth, and environment.
This provides a small crack of light and beauty of the gifts that universe has given our being.
If we love ourselves and are grateful for life, it is by embracing the truth of our nature by being and living through these ways and other forms of cultural understanding to find that state of nirvana. Attachment not required.

After society and world enlightenment from the pending age of Aquarius, what do we do?
One of my favorite stories and lessons I’ve learned in regard to creating a great day is the term “swallow the toad first”.
Do the hardest thing first thing in the morning and everything else will come easier.
I feel this on a soul level though want to take it one step further.
I see this as being properly living up to our truth and greatness.
Not only in love, but in responsibility and self respect.

For the means of accuracy lets call it Dancing With Deus.

Ill cover this in the next blog

Thank you

A few things on my writings
– I repeat myself often- much of these things haven’t been understood and implemented by our collective, repeating only helps in understanding when combined with other view points.
– I write in entered sentences because thats how I enjoy it- its like art for me

At the end of my blogs I want to cover current concerns that have boiled up within the collective.

Some things to be aware of
The Right or Conservative
– Using “communism” and “socialism” as words to deter society from thinking outside or inside the box of the current system
– Cultures, religions, and other systems should be preserved for those who wish to continue with their beliefs without being manipulated or deceived. 
– “Greatness” being a term used and defined as the souls unique purpose, abundant, and benevolent nature- not a superhero or someone that is better than others. We are all equal within our diverse parts.
– Why is stepping into greatness important? Society needs a transformation that will come from us individually- we cannot sustain what we have if we don’t evolve our innerstanding with the transformation that needs to take place.

Things to watch out for

Below is an example of a survey that will eventually portray a divide in understanding. Items like this create darkness and negativity within the collective mind. Obviously there is an agenda being pushed here. If the agenda is to rile anger or hate towards a side then it’s separation based and not seeking to understand or create understanding.

Screen-Shot-2019-09-13-at-8.49.39-PM-2 Screen-Shot-2019-09-13-at-8.49.25-PM-1 Humanity’s-Major-Transition-From-The-Age-of-Pisces-To-Aquarius-1-800x450

About the author: Marcus V.

I've been a conductor of sorts since I can remember, leading the music as a child from the seats at church.
As I grew older I ran into restrictions and realized they happened because there was something in society that needed attention.
Coming from the bottom of the social ladder I made a promise to myself that I would come back to help those in the depths of despair.

As time went on I was caught off by society standards of "making money" all the while learning lessons in love, joy, care, and truths of the world.

These lessons allowed me to gain an understanding in the way of energy and how it related to our global flow and systemic processes.
Seeing the way our world had effort in division I felt the need to create something everyone had in common without detracting from their truths.

Something benevolent that served the all from the bottom up.

From the bottom- being abused and coming from depression, I became a healer.

Finding love that broke my heart into pieces(multiple times) I learned of love and its solidity.

Experiencing my greatest connection to everything at festivals, I realized I need to bring this flow to others.

Seeing and feeling the pain we were causing other beings as well as the unconscious way we were managing the world, I understood care.

Last aspect of my being sees the ways humanity is being taken advantage of by outer creations of darkness. Light doesn't stand in the sight without notice.

I can see myself as being a protector and advocate toward creating the liberty for my brothers and sisters who don't know what's going on behind the scenes to keep them dumbed down and unaware of many forms of greed for the sake of monetary gain.

Knowing what others do not know they do not know is a curse and purpose that I am glad to be on the road to resolve.
I hate to see the world in the manner for which its been led. I'm not a fan of ignorant and willful pandering when it comes to the beauty of our people.

Putting all my parts in this drive together I formulated my deepest truth connected to what I could create to impact in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.

Whether Deer Network plays a key part or not- I know the basic principles from its truth create a positive effect in the world today.

I'll say that most people have experienced everything I have- we are some tough souls, we've all been through A LOT and are only really looking for the right things to represent us.

Me personally
I find it easier to believe in others and their truth (many belief systems included).
Keeping an open mind has allowed a deeper understanding of the world and its stories of creation.

After drawing up my entire life I realized the greater purpose in soul growth by ditching the old ways of the matrix and its unconscious ruling for a more responsible and aligned flow that represented me as well as those I love most. Through my close connection with source and my intiution, my guide in creation is certainly more of an unfoldment than creation. A symbiotic relationship with life and its truths let this all happen.

It's a great service to love humanity and our world- thank you for being here.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Sag/Aqua moon and Leo Rising.
Life path 9 and an INFP Myers Briggs.
Human Design Projector with a 4/6 profile
My purpose is to raise global frequency.
I know many share in this purpose.
Deer Network is that expression.

A network that allows for any and all to tap into a greater collective purpose to unite, preserve, and express world beauty.


Thank you to everyone that has been able to help thus far on my journey.

Jesus and Buddha, All angels and ascended masters, Spirits of teaching, My Mom and Dad, Adam and Kari Newman, Christy and Ryan Hodges, April and Josh Peterson, Celeste and Stetson Kauer, Dave Nguyen, Tanh Ha Tran, Aven Fleck, Jake Boyce, Cole Kelly, Mason Miller, Holly Field, Lauren Buzzard, Douglas Fresca, Thomas Jenkins, Garrick Pinon, William Kouroupis, Derrick Clevland, Johnny Barber, Albert Hernandes, Jared Janacek, Allison, Dallas Brown, Khira, Dalin, Mathijs van Dam, Thomas Hurst, Glen Coco, Armon Pennick, Jax, Adam Johnson, Darius Fontenette, Anh Huy Nguyen, Cupid Carlione, Michael Staffeldt, Randi Southard, Shea Kumecki, Son Truong, Valley Mike, DL Brake, Mike Paul, Alyona Fleck, Avi Aba, JR, Maddie King, Dalin Bernard

Phil Good, Sister Shanti, Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Rion DeRouen, Jordan Sather, Katy Haydn Axel Schneider, Matt Kahn, Conscious_Beardman, la_passionate, Peng Joon

Special thanks to Tom Delonge and Eric Prydz for their inspiration in the art of brilliance.

And anyone else I might have missed!

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work
- Steven Furtick

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burk

It is the light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Nelson Mandela

There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.
- Marjorie P. Hinckley

It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.
- Anatole France

Go big or go home.
- Eliza Dushku

Made and guided by source divine- one of protection and love for these times.

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