Fractals of Truth

Within the shades of color are different stories and abilities of our expression.

Each plays a part in our collective rising.

Soul Development

The soul within all is the connection we share as being of loving truth.

Expansion to meet our capacity is our intention.

Unique Respect

Sovereigns that respect where they came from, levels depending on balance to truth.

The level of love felt within.

Three Tier Process

We strive for equality by recognition of learned ability to be dispersed

We are capable of all tiers within all faculties so long experience matches availability

Sovereign that wishes to travel can connect with any process across our Mapping Project

1 Member

Learning the ropes by gaining knowledge on how to work the map

2 Gold

Coaching and pioneering new ways of unfoldment within the network

3 Platinum

Facilitate and oversee areas of process and orchestration

How fast will you level up?

Your Uniqueness is your Magic