Alchemizing Time.

Updated 9/25 

In this blog I’m highlighting all the beautiful terrible topics for alchemy.

Shadow work, painful yet important parts in our transformation and transition.

I promise to get back to my regular life postings n such eventually. One of my most sincere beliefs is that there is a time and place for everything, currently there is war being waged on our collective soul and sovereignty, something that needs our attention and action.

If you want to know how it’s all going to go see my last blog

The hardship we endure is the metamorphic journey in a proper society evolution and/or quantum leap.

When we believe and achieve it.



The potential of our collective transformation alchemizes things like Government- Pharma- Insurance and other forms of monopoly.

(What is alchemy to structure? Taking something of an energy- in these examples, outdated systems and processes of wasteful nature and evolving them to regenerative processes that benefit the whole(in macro and micro))

Losing jobs due to reorganization of resources in a conscious way doesn’t need to hurt but takes recognition in repurposing.

I started a blog on this some time ago I hope to finish- It seems to me we are battling ourselves by how the world treats us.(Paralysis by pain)

Thank you for your support, and thank you for supporting others who do their best.

The pain of ignoring others truth can be  catastrophic- what we “battle” energetically and psychologically knows this.

This energy or people, work at turning us against one another to save from being seen. To keep the truth of potential flow being seen(even when it serves their higher self).

They are throwing everything they can at us by confusing narratives and off topic drama.
Integrity and truth will win in the end. Some say we’ve already won.

I would say winning is proper global alignment and then by it, proper creation.

See attachment 1.(Circles with focus on topics within topics)

Our Humanity Rising is also being conducted via

Find your place- find your flow, let’s make this Golden Age happen



People hate being lectured I guess, though I personally love hearing Truth, maybe my truth through music will sound better.

If you know me, you know I want to dive deep into creating music yet find priority in healing of minds, hearts and homes first.

I find the problem with our progress is not thinking big enough, though maybe this is my Aquarius moon speaking.

We will end homelessness, hunger and end the idiocy that’s being conducted against our humanity. Our people need to realize we are up against more than low density humans. (Unconscious ego included)

They have made agreements with ETs that ask for return in lives even- fellow family that think they own you and I. This is not so, yet, our inability to stand in that sovereignty rightfully, keeps us from creating the boundaries we need. (One could call this a secret)

(Whether you believe this or not it doesn’t matter, but I challenge you to ask yourself- if this was true, would our society produce a greater outcome? One without human trafficking and child slavery? I believe so)

We are a wonderful people. When expressing truth in our evolution, being- “our populace is getting to a great number”, the people will slow or “we are creating too much damage”, the people will do better or “the people are creating too much pollution”- the people will make better.

Keeping our people connected to transparent orchestration is the new way, a way that sees the individual.

Communication needs to be heartfelt- and genius, nothing less than who we are.

The communication to our people currently is coming from insecurity and greed. The need to create fear to generate money in all corrupted avenues is a dying top priority.



This blog is a long awaited form of release from post traumatic stress- a mass collective energy unseen. People need to know the damage caused by insensitivity to others trust.

We are diverse and expansive in nature- in no way am I saying I’m perfect in loyalty.(I’m good tho- JBH, 95%?)

Though, as with everything, there are degrees to causation. Meaning- what is the true worth/weight in action(how do you weight the cost of pain with a variable like broken trust?)

Soul broken individuals have the potential to wreak havoc on the world, they also have the potential to make it all better.



Stories are for building recognition- not something to latch on to for attention seeking. When society hasn’t learned the lesson, stories play wonderful part in accountability.

Disclaimer; I went berserk on this- all the feels and truth needs to be felt. I don’t feel the need to hold back. I’m not here to attack perpetrators/victims but the energy needs to be seen for what it is.

(Perpetrator(s) = Separation Energy/Action- Something we all engage/allow in one way or another)

(Victim(s) = Unconscious Energy/Reception- Something we see within our current paradigm of living)

This is a perception of “victims” unconscious perpetrators would hate for you to read.

(Narcissists? Labels tend to cause separation and don’t diagnose the real issue)
Shadow Work = Accountability

Perpetrators hate accountability.
A people that don’t like shadow work.
We hate it so much- we blame the ones we’ve been hurting, victims.

(You could say Victims hate accountability too, that is seeing through old unconscious patterns ie business models like pharma, insurance, government ect)

It is just as much the victims responsibility to recognize and release these stories and energies as much as it is perpetrators- both holding onto these creates energetic bonds that cause re runs.

We have to be able to see where we are taking advantage of others in the micro and macro.

We have to be able to know how flow operates in respect to a natural toroidal economic expression.

(Conscious Capitalism- stems to requiring our toys(creations) take responsibility for the lower economy holistically)

What I see as Conscious Capitalism- Some support socialism or communism, both taking away the right for family to take ownership of their reality.

Ownership of ones reality when done consciously as a system of the whole, would aim for greater flow in services over lower egotistical material gains(though in the same degree, abundance is the norm).

This blogs intention isn’t to tell abundant perpetrators that they should lose all they gained off those they took advantage of. 

On the contrary, it’s to say, we’ve been creating and using this connection of synergy for so long- we have plenty, enough to redesign how we connect and create flow with each other.




“I” is formless- it isn’t something defined by the stories we experience though they can give proper direction in how the unconscious ego operates in the world.

It’s important to know the energy created in connection to others and violating such agreements as to make amends as best as we can as to not need to reincarnate for re-balancing or lessons.



This goes to my artists- the ones that have derived creativity from the truth in pain.

This also goes out to anyone that hates control and wants ease in flow over money gains.

When the purpose is proper purpose, money becomes obsolete yet necessary for creative flow.



Roses and Thorns


Isn’t it funny, how we see people on social media and how they evolve through friends and connections, not always understanding the story behind it all.

When people leave, it’s easy to assume what’s been happening or maybe even feel the need to project onto them aspects of our own world view. fake, loser, etc.

We all live highly complex lives, all grounded with a base of integrity and trust- something we build discernment for in filtering.

Our system of censorship hasn’t helped with this. As if we need something to do our thinking for us.
Would be nice if it was of integrity, but I digress.

All relationships are divine, special, if you are able to produce that quality of connection. Maybe to a degree no matter the time. Usually depending on how deep each individual has met themselves they will be able to meet others and hold a loving space, and in that space create a depth of trust and devotion in time.

It’s a wonderful thing, to have such beauty in our ability to lovingly trust another. To say, there is no one I would rather connect to, there is no one I would rather spend this time with. To be elevated to such momentum, wherever that may be- is part of a true heaven we build. It’s been said before, we find peace within- peace within ourselves then peace within the world.

What a wonderful thing it would be, to connect with another at a level of wholeness.

What sucks (since in some regard I’m speaking for others)  is the excruciating pain one feels when that trust is broken, by not only betrayal- but lies, on top of insults, on top of circumstances, on top of malice, on top of brutality, and backward bent atrocities.(Pain can be caused by the taboo of right and wrong and our inability to accept all expressions without the need to control opens us up to responding to life with ease)

I’m sure there’s more I haven’t covered and as painful we as humans can be to one another- not saying that’s what I went through either, but to a degree that I said to myself, what the fuck, did I do, to deserve this kind of treatment? A kind, devoted, sweet hearted, deeply loving, magical, compassionate, and philosophically(had to) minded person did not sign up for this bullshit.

Then on top of all this, your fellow earth players, what you know as beautiful friendship, deem you as damaged goods and not something worthy of the love and care you would give them had they been wronged. (Cancer thing maybe?) Not all are carelessI haven’t been perfect here either*

When I reflect on the why I came to realize that Karma (in part), had been playing in my life.

My belief in God or my Higher Self says to me that I am held to a high accountability- no way was I going to get off Scott free(a natural balancing) from doing myself wrong(from the perception of oneness).

Also when I wondered to the entirety of our human family, my thought process under my own self realizations were this- if this world was what it was in its totality, meaning, wholesome and pure- how then would we as a people conduct ourselves in loving devotion? What would need to occur so none would act from insecurity and lack as to produce, not a perfect- but genuine place of resonance and respect?

The pain caused me to soul search like I had never done before. It helped me to come to the conclusion that if there was anything I wanted to bring to this world it would be greater authenticity to future generations.

In hopes, we would experience less pain and anguish at the hands of our own and others ignorance due to lack of self realization/actualization.

Enter Deer Network.

When I originally started down this path I was adamant about spreading the right frequency.


Spread Peace

Spread Love

Spread Joy

Spread Care

Spread Light


I wanted to spread the mending of these aspects in a great degree.

I bought the websites, grabbed the social media, emails- until I formulated the science.


I found that peace was an inside job- Find Peace Within
I found true love was actualized character and gnosis- We Are Love
I found Joy was the central point for which we lived for- Joy Is Life
I found Care was an action word and needed motion- Care Through Compassion
I found Light was information and expanded upon attainment- Light Begets Truth


Sometimes hardships from life pressures us to builds these moments of realization.

When the science of these frequencies was complete, I had to change my entire setup- which on the side of living consciously or more aligned, was an easy and enjoyable task.

It wasn’t my intention, going down this path- to create a network that heals the world(I truly believe it has this potential, free-will in tact). It was Joy that I reached for in living and it was my pain that pushed me to want to make things be better. I didn’t want to have to deal with the same behavior after experiencing so much joy in my connections. In the least, and this is a big jump, to have the world be abundant enough in relationships to not have a need for disrespect of others and their time.

Last night I was passing by a group of people, one guy was screaming at his fellow human “you’re fake, all you do is talk shit and cause drama with everyone- I’m done with your bullshit.”

Shadow workers don’t always get the best reputation- not saying I know that’s what he was doing but regardless, we all have shadow, we all have parts that need the light of truth.(Maybe he’s ashamed of his own shadow)

Once we alchemize humanities collective shadow with this truth, the world will be a greater and more harmonious place. One we can take great esteem in loving and co creating a brighter future flow. One without lack and mediocrity, for when you are whole within, the without cannot but match it in time.

My accidental yet subconscious implantation into becoming what one might call a Quantum Conductor, is something that aligns with the truth of my beingness. With alignment to astrology, numerology and human design(they can have some contradiction, the truth of it all is the souls discernment) and creating a platform to express that depth of truth, I’m exhausted yet ecstatic to say, I feel I’ve found a career of choice through creation.

It’s not a one dimensional way of flow but connected to all aspects of who we are and how we wish to live our lives. It fits perfectly into the age of Aquarian flow by way of sovereignty expansion and implementation.
My hope is that along with authenticity, I can bring greater freedom and liberty for any in greater service to all.

Our own heaven on earth.

One of Roses and Thorns to boot.



(I recognize how short this blog is and I will say, I had more written. Someone has figured how to access my account and remove sections of my writings for which I don’t have time at the moment to rewrite)

Check back another day and it’ll be noted of its completion at the top.

Security has already been ramped up since.

(If you wish to know, part of what I’ve written is many paragraphs on a proper example of a rose mentality and how it correlates without the need of grandiose living while not looking at the needs of others. Whoever it was that deleted these parts and left others from the same edit)

Photos and other content has also been deleted from my phone- it’s put a drag on expression.

(also I’m not an advocate of complaining(I am an advocate of shadow work), but, we are in strange times where awareness of such happenings needs to be dealt with by either integral forces or the people being aware as to eventualize integrity)

Totalitarianism and aristocracy isn’t part of the Golden Age



Post note

I’m wearing my “Everything Hurts” shirt as I’m typing this out.

I laugh, it feels like I’m able to honor and release the serious pain from these stories by matching the extremity of its truth. Fuck this world of pain. Let’s build it better. More authentic. More loving. More true.
If we are to build back better, let it be by living by that integrity and loving philosophy.


Not manipulative systems of governance who think they own us



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About the author: Marcus V.

I've been a conductor of sorts since I can remember, leading the music as a child from the seats at church.
As I grew older I ran into restrictions and realized they happened because there was something in society that needed attention.
Coming from the bottom of the social ladder I made a promise to myself that I would come back to help those in the depths of despair.

As time went on I was caught off by society standards of "making money" all the while learning lessons in love, joy, care, and truths of the world.

These lessons allowed me to gain an understanding in the way of energy and how it related to our global flow and systemic processes.
Seeing the way our world had effort in division I felt the need to create something everyone had in common without detracting from their truths.

Something benevolent that served the all from the bottom up.

From the bottom- being abused and coming from depression, I became a healer.

Finding love that broke my heart into pieces(multiple times) I learned of love and its solidity.

Experiencing my greatest connection to everything at festivals, I realized I need to bring this flow to others.

Seeing and feeling the pain we were causing other beings as well as the unconscious way we were managing the world, I understood care.

Last aspect of my being sees the ways humanity is being taken advantage of by outer creations of darkness. Light doesn't stand in the sight without notice.

I can see myself as being a protector and advocate toward creating the liberty for my brothers and sisters who don't know what's going on behind the scenes to keep them dumbed down and unaware of many forms of greed for the sake of monetary gain.

Knowing what others do not know they do not know is a curse and purpose that I am glad to be on the road to resolve.
I hate to see the world in the manner for which its been led. I'm not a fan of ignorant and willful pandering when it comes to the beauty of our people.

Putting all my parts in this drive together I formulated my deepest truth connected to what I could create to impact in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.

Whether Deer Network plays a key part or not- I know the basic principles from its truth create a positive effect in the world today.

I'll say that most people have experienced everything I have- we are some tough souls, we've all been through A LOT and are only really looking for the right things to represent us.

Me personally
I find it easier to believe in others and their truth (many belief systems included).
Keeping an open mind has allowed a deeper understanding of the world and its stories of creation.

After drawing up my entire life I realized the greater purpose in soul growth by ditching the old ways of the matrix and its unconscious ruling for a more responsible and aligned flow that represented me as well as those I love most. Through my close connection with source and my intiution, my guide in creation is certainly more of an unfoldment than creation. A symbiotic relationship with life and its truths let this all happen.

It's a great service to love humanity and our world- thank you for being here.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Sag/Aqua moon and Leo Rising.
Life path 9 and an INFP Myers Briggs.
Human Design Projector with a 4/6 profile
My purpose is to raise global frequency.
I know many share in this purpose.
Deer Network is that expression.

A network that allows for any and all to tap into a greater collective purpose to unite, preserve, and express world beauty.


Thank you to everyone that has been able to help thus far on my journey.

Jesus and Buddha, All angels and ascended masters, Spirits of teaching, My Mom and Dad, Adam and Kari Newman, Christy and Ryan Hodges, April and Josh Peterson, Celeste and Stetson Kauer, Dave Nguyen, Tanh Ha Tran, Aven Fleck, Jake Boyce, Cole Kelly, Mason Miller, Holly Field, Lauren Buzzard, Douglas Fresca, Thomas Jenkins, Garrick Pinon, William Kouroupis, Derrick Clevland, Johnny Barber, Albert Hernandes, Jared Janacek, Allison, Dallas Brown, Khira, Dalin, Mathijs van Dam, Thomas Hurst, Glen Coco, Armon Pennick, Jax, Adam Johnson, Darius Fontenette, Anh Huy Nguyen, Cupid Carlione, Michael Staffeldt, Randi Southard, Shea Kumecki, Son Truong, Valley Mike, DL Brake, Mike Paul, Alyona Fleck, Avi Aba, JR, Maddie King, Dalin Bernard

Phil Good, Sister Shanti, Jason Silva, Gary Vee, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Rion DeRouen, Jordan Sather, Katy Haydn Axel Schneider, Matt Kahn, Conscious_Beardman, la_passionate, Peng Joon

Special thanks to Tom Delonge and Eric Prydz for their inspiration in the art of brilliance.

And anyone else I might have missed!

When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of his work
- Steven Furtick

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burk

It is the light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
- Nelson Mandela

There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.
- Marjorie P. Hinckley

It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.
- Anatole France

Go big or go home.
- Eliza Dushku

Made and guided by source divine- one of protection and love for these times.

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