Science of Frequency

The science of frequency is the innate commonality we share in being human

These parts each play a different role in the effect of frequency within our world

From the inner to outer regions of soul expression, we cover the truth to our being here

Tuning Global Frequency

The weight of negativity within humanities collective subconscious mind is love to be realized and released for a global tuning in service to the soul. Here we will recognize and alchemize baggage holding our collective down vibrationally.

Harmonizing Global Frequency

The energy stemming from the souls knowing within is built through love. Learning, believing, and knowing the collective into a more accurate sense of being, experience and contribution builds the connection that unites us.

Value Proposition found within each

Emitting Global Frequency

Finding talent in all circumstances and letting creation fly.

Whatever life comes up with within the external realms of positive energy is life’s joy and art to be shared with others.

Understanding Global Frequency

The energy that flows throughout society comes from a place of cause and effect. Understanding how this flow works for the human and earthly body and how to best navigate its process is our commonality.

Illuminating Global Frequency

Truth creates an unfoldment of our ability to see a fullness of perspective of what we play a part. A collective soul realization and ease of allowance of what’s meant to be.

This world and its truth to be known.

By the end, we might wonder why we stacked money in the first place

As important as currency is, the blood of our being isn’t to be worshiped

The natural state of the sovereign soul is one of abundant holistic care

We are Builders

Light, Liberty and Love

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Nikola Tesla

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