Light Begets Truth

Light consists of the pure essence of peace, love, joy, care, and truth of being

These frequencies and faculties Deer network splits up to target individually

We are in essence these elements of being expanding into infinity

Singularly we provide the means for deliverance in a benevolent way

The combination of all areas are required to properly transmute darkness

When truth is used vs structures and ways of life it causes darkness to self realize

To realize that it too is something to be used as service to the all and not in a selfish manner

By shining light onto structures, beliefs, and other forms of structure we see things for what they are

With this understanding sometimes creates a shock moment and takes some patience to redirect its energy

Transmutation to be achieved through lights ability that comes from those who recognize and allow truth to unfold

Within this section we plan on creating conscious understanding of all creations and issues as to benevolently repurpose energy spent

It’s not the most comfortable thing looking at where our system falls short but is necessary in our economic evolution

Note, some shadow aspects and darkness cannot and should not be transmuted but let go of

The Purpose of Light

Light in combination with all the faculties prioritizes what’s necessary within wisdom

The love that we share is true by nature and something we treat in a manner of care in its unfoldment

With proper education and focus we increase the quality of humanities creation in future outcomes

Light workers have a special job in the manner of quality control and proper regulation of truth

By keeping a balance of all aspects within the collective we ensure an enriched economic flow

This flow is created by bringing in higher truths not aligned with current malevolent systems

A task which is attained by the uniting in all fields of evolution throughout our economies

These fields pertain to these basic needs of the soul and bring about unified simplicity

With the proper foundations laid of corrected priorities and transparent avenues, energy begins to flow like a living river once more

Our collective channeling of energy systems starts to cycle out ignorance and misguidance from generations past

A torus field of energy uninhibited by beliefs of lack and negative views brought on by imbalance within

Focus being of our ability to belief in proper outcomes and manifesting them through action

Covering Shadow

Any unresolved trauma or sensitivity to stress and anxiety have the chance to cause harm collectively

Belief in lack is not wrong when coming from the perception of those unhealed and unloved

Light workers mission is creating balance in all avenues and not in supporting ill attainment

Polarization is used as a tool not lifestyle. It is necessary when combating corruption

(collective shadow work)

The golden age is made of authenticity and true love of connection and care

Truth has the capacity to cause more harm than help in short if not used consciously

Any unresolved trauma or sensitivity to stress and anxiety have the chance to cause harm collectively

We recommend you Find Peace before continuing to seek truth

It is also recommended to read Awareness before diving into any content dense material

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Value Proposition


Egoic structures, ways of malevolence, and economic incompetence are hindering and holding back the flow of positive energy within our economies


Awareness of malevolent actions and corruption

Collaborative discussion and collective foresight

Community of truth advocates and light bringers


Greater global energetic awareness

Increased collective foresight of future

Global transparency and the end of corruption


By letting go of negative societal constructs and beliefs we increase the capacity of positive energy within our economies while accentuating future greatness within humanity

The way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth on them.

Ida B Wells