Joy Is Life

The purpose for living is creating the means for others to experience joy in all its areas and elements

In life we have been severely cut from our ability to share happiness with the majority of the collective

If you have experienced and or given the faculty of Joy in the world you are a step above many others

In Spread Joy we train and create proper atmospheres for our people to experience joy in sovereignty

Where are we heading?

Joy we are building the realms of what you could call a future heaven on earth

We do this by opening the channels for others to express themselves in every way within order

We do this by treating our world and society as if the moment matters in a bigger way than we once experienced

Opening the avenues of connection in all aspects of giving of our joy we are able to create more opportunities to be apart of

To create the souls sovereignty we must create the avenues for which we can guide ourselves responsibly

We are happy to bring you the point of touch for the future family of joy centered living

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Value Proposition


The beauty and full ability of human expression and interaction has been diminished because of normalities, mind constructs, and division


Diverse expression awareness

Cultivate Benevolent world view

Raise levels of collective vibration


Breaking of social barriers

Healing of collective world view

Increased global vibration


By expression of beauty within humanity, we allow for a broader perception of our collective being while creating a gateway for a greater connected humanity.

Find where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing.

For to miss the joy is to miss the all.

Robert Louis Stevenson