Game plan

2-10 years

-Restitution of The Golden Age-

To achieve the impossible is to say I am possible.

Every venture, startup, and creation starts and ends with truth.

What we do in the middle is how we come to define ourselves.

For purposes of realization and formulation of world betterment we need to understand why and where we need to begin so we can create the best outcome for all. Can you imagine creating benevolent change while holding onto a false image we created in our evolving to be?

The ego sense of better than is one condition that will hold us back from our greatness and slow down the true progress humanity is able to create.

Hell would be that of prideful separation in the eyes of oneness.

A view of selfishness in the eyes of the collective.

Sovereign self realized individuals will know this truth.

So how do we avoid such a negative outlook of ourselves?

How do we approach such a daunting task as to see ourselves from our truth?

Our benevolent nature?

We look at the lowest of ourselves and see the capacity for true spiritual growth.

We understand that we are one in feeling.

We are the same in everything that counts.

To fully tap into our heart, the love that we are, we must first have corrected the mind to be a servant and not the master.

This is the Game Plan

Phase 1

Deer Network

Light Liberty and Justice For All

-Humanity Rising-

Humanity rising is coming back to our power.

The darkness that has claimed to liberate, has encapsulated humanity energetically.

Unconsciously realizing that since doing so, they also are not free from the effects of their own cause.

This realization bringing about an understanding that true liberty is in benevolent means of energetic liberation, not control.

To fully embrace our greatness and freedom is to fully embrace the least amongst us as if they were us.

With the greater connection we share, our love reaches a point of feeling and knowing that we can take responsibility for the greater whole.

Creating a bridge of deliverance by using the abilities and endeavors we have available, we will at last free our world of the unnecessary suffering and pain that was once overlooked.

The major transition the world is about to flow through, we realize that we no longer treat symptoms with effects of greed and luxury by material but by efforts in peace love and true inner prosperity.

By this embrace do we lovingly bring those we care for back to a place of remembrance and self respect.

A full dropping of old ways by using loving wisdom to allow the new to unfold in a way that properly represents the greatness that we are.


Project Peace

Collective Subconscious Programming

-Freedom From the Dark-

By understanding the process of brainwashing and mind manipulation we become aware that most of what we call our destiny or outcome in life is based on where we came from and how we were raised.

The blueprint that we created associated to our guardians and environment varies by person.

Some outlined their view as capable opportunists, while others were taught as mentally ill and disabled.

No matter the case, we will not be labeled as victims to our circumstances.

The bounteous information and tools available to create collective peace of mind is within reach to many.

By using tools to come to the truth of our being we feel a sense of peace obtained and what’s intended to be gifted to those less fortunate.

Life has been long, hard, and even gruesome to many not realizing the depth of pain they’ve been carrying.

First matter of humanity is healing trauma, clearing negative programming, and positively reprogramming the subconscious mind to serve its sovereignty.

Our first matter is bringing peace of mind to our brothers and sisters of the world.


Project Love

Cultivating Inner Beauty

Love Them Better, Rise Together

Understanding the depths of the soul grants others the understanding of their earth life.

This inner greatness is one that creates a fullness within that allows for proper flow and soul guidance.

By using the tools and skills we have, we have the opportunity to tap into souls at a level of love while raising their bar within.

This is the evolution of our era- the embracing of the age of Aquarius.

By realizing the intricate role we individually play, the part we provide the world becomes the beauty and love we give freely.

This sovereignty and belief in our inner knowing embraces the task of creating a world for our abundance to thrive and share with those we are connected.

In this phase, after we have created a full knowing and love for ourselves, we team up with Team Care , Peace on Project Care to build up those less fortunate and remind them of who they are and find how they wish to build their new future.

With the support and love reminded within each person, the truth of their being will eventualize and assist in evolving the collective of humanity.

The stories alone will transmute and condition society to a level of belief and resource that we need to push into The Golden Age.


Project Joy

Benevolent Orchestration

-Guiding Truths to Be-

The faculties we level need proper instruments and guidance to meld together.

Conductors see the parts that are necessary and work closely with Visionary’s in bringing them to pass.

Combining the efforts of all remaining faculties and platform agents will conductors be able to lay out benevolent systems and processes.

By collecting all ideas and propositions together, surrendering to the flow of these processes will create the means of deliverance.

Understanding the roles that each faculty and platform agent cover is of utmost importance as well as diving deep into what capabilities they can come up with in manifesting right outcomes.


Project Care

Means of Acceptance and Foundation

-Teaching to Fish-

Today’s economy has outstretched its capacity to care with the amount of homes that are available.

We have currently on average 6 empty houses to each homeless person and who knows how many empty rooms.

Care Givers opening homes to those evolving into themselves via connecting through means of healers and energy workers will grant our societies the result of our collective recovery.

Care givers make contact and align those in need with housing, process of healing, self actualizing and direction.

(Housing comes by connection with visionaries purpose in content creation)

With formulation of proper guidelines and application of deliverance, we create a system not held back from rollout, process and rejuvenation.


Project Light

Disconnection & Energetic Rehabilitation

-Setting Things Right- 

The energetic imbalance of our world and nation is at an all time high.

Only through responsible and wise means(1.1, 1.2, 1.3) can we bring balance through with integrity.

Helping humanity to realize and correct these parts through truth will finally release the imbalance that has been a plague to so many.

By disconnecting to false paradigms of lack and limitation from the top, and realizing abundance and gratitude at the bottom will the recycling of energy be properly balanced and maintained.

Light workers will bring through proper vision and democracy that humanity can rely on in its benevolent unfoldment.

Through action and understanding the needs of future energetic based equal society we will let our power flow again.



These efforts are to be orchestrated by various members within society, whether they be part of deer network or of other systems.

Energetic liberation brings our ability to serve members of society and should be focused with our inner most being served first, then those least capable to see their light as that would be ourselves unacknowledged.


1 2 3

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.

Leonard Bernstein