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Simple Services You Can align with Today


Syncronized Global Meditation


These are for AM/PM within your time zone.

1:11- X:XX for Healers @Find.Peace.Daily

2:22- X:XX for Energy Workers @Be.Love.Daily

3:33- X:XX for Conductors @Spread.Joy.Daily

4:44- X:XX for Care Givers @Create.Care.Daily

5:55- X:XX for Light Workers @Shine.Light.Daily

Intention is powerful.

Feel the change in the air continue to increase..

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Yoga Development

Together we align with our body/mind/spirit.

These are the times we come together in service to our mastery in greatness.

Depending on your schedule we align yoga sessions from 7-8 PM/AM after meditation.

As we align our spirit within the body mind humanities flow will increase in abundance and ability

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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance sessions encourage the soul to embrace the beauty of expression.

In this time we manifest our collective dream through connection and joy.

Dancing is conducted away from meditation and yoga usually before or after services.

(Depending on your preference)

12-1 AM/PM and 9-10 AM/PM

Liberating the soul through dance provides greater ability in alignment and manifestation.

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