The Crystalline Grid

The Beginning

Deer Network

In a world taken in by a whirlwind of agendas, we give it to you straight

By connection to the truth to our being, we lay out the playing field of future unfolding

We raise global consciousness through right matters in retainment to soul growth and connection

A fortification of truth within the inner and outer realms of orchestrational harmonics, world understanding and truth

A place for all to voice their knowing and ability to transcend views through connected sovereignty

A conduit for the greater aspect of those who wish to better themselves and the world

With truth to our being to be the guide in our collective deliverance

We are humbled to give you a platform of loving connection

One that represents the greatness of human potential

The network and news of the future self

An alignment to humanities purpose

and a proposition of sovereignty

Where your voice matters

Welcome to the Golden Age of Humanity


Wish to build sovereignty?


Wish to support benevolence?

everything we need and more

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|we don’t make laws|

|we are laws|

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