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In our drive to be of greater service in truth,

Deer Network now aligns with Sidereal Astrology

Thank you

The Crystalline Grid

Golden age flow is manifested by our collective alignment and orchestration

Dive into all areas starting from the beginning to the GFR to catch up to the collective moment

the beauty and possibility of what is, is ours for the making

know and align with your truth

understand variables

Namaste & Enjoy

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Important Censored Media

To become properly unified, systems need to be cleansed of the bullshit

We hold all parts accountable in its connection to everything

Global Frequency Resonance


faculty Product centers

Network Processing status


Deer Network Development

ministers of humanity

Overlooking “negative” or “low vibrational” material and information is bypassing

Sovereignty remains in tact from truth without being tied up in the vibration of data

By seeing things from a full perspective we allow for a greater wholeness to unfold in our world

To clarify global frequency in a way that serves our souls sovereignty Deer Network is taking the reigns of conditioning the collective consciousness in the most important ways

In ways that serve our unification and depth of care

This board and information is here for the collective to add to and organize on however you see fit

We are excited to grow and evolve this section with you in time

Deer Network News


What is in the works of change and evolution within the network.


The give factor

“If happiness is the goal- and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.”

Richard Branson

Being human is a given

Keeping our humanity is a choice

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With all the events happening today, it’s increasingly vital that we organize to assist in guiding society to a greater way of orchestration and manifestation.

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